Accommodation: Additional services/Options

Is there a charging station for my electric car?

Charging station by cabins/apartments/hotels
Several cabins in the Gausta area have their own charging stations for electric cars. Contact the lessor for further information.

Make sure that you don’t charge your electric car from a regular electrical socket/plug, as they are not adapted for the high output required to charge an electric car and this therefore runs the risk of overloading or fire.

Read more about charging stations here.

Are there ski storage rooms at my accommodation?

Most cabins and apartments feature ski storage with room for skis, pools, sleighs etc. See Gausta online booking to see what is included in each accommodation alternative. 

If you are staying at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell you can store your alpine equipment in the hotel ski storage room on the left side of the entrance (just follow the signs).

Is there a sauna in my accommodation?

All cabins have a sauna. In the cabins for 8-10 persons the sauna costs extra and is switched on using coins in NOK. Cash withdrawals can be done in an ATM in Rjukan nearby. 

All accommodation units under Gaustablikk Fjellresort and Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter also have free entrance to the wellness area of the hotel, with pool, whirlpool and sauna.

You can also book floating saunas on Kvitåvatn and combine with a cooling dip and scorching hot sauna to fantastic views towards Gaustatoppen. Read more here.

Is there a fireplace in my accommodation?

Most cabins are equipped with a fireplace. 8-10-person  and 16-person cabins have a fireplace, Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter does not. See Gausta online booking to learn the features of each accommodation alternative. Firewood can be bought at the grocery store Pose & Sekk right next to the hotel. 

Is there a fridge and/or minibar on my accommodation?

All cabins and apartments are equipped with fridges. (The hotel rooms do not have fridges/minibars). See Gausta online booking to see the equipment and features for each accomodation option.

Is there Internet/Wifi in my accomodation?

At Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, Gaustablikk Fjellhytter, Gaustablikk apartments and Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter there is free Wifi in all hotel rooms, cabins and apartments.

Is final cleaning included in the rent of cabins and apartments?

No, final cleaning is not included but can be ordered for an additional fee, preferably before arrival. If you book through the Gausta online booking you can add final cleaning as an additional service. Please note that emptying the rubbish bin, sorting the waste and empty bottles is not included in the final cleaning, but to be carried out by the guest. 

If you wish to clean the cabin or apartment yourself you need to follow the instructions for the final cleaning which can be found in the cabin/apartment. As a guest it’s your responsibility to clean the kitchen counters, to do the washing up and to sort and empty your waste. (This applies to all guests, including those who have booked final cleaning.) Bed linen should be removed and placed next to the bed before departure. Please remember to close all doors and windows. If our staff don’t approve your cleaning once you’ve departed you can be debited an additional fee for cleaning.

Are bed linen included in the rent for cabins and apartments?

Bed linen and towels for your stay are included in the price for cabins and apartments, with the exception of Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter. The bed linen includes duvet, pillow, sheets, duvet cover and pillowcase for each person/bed. The towels include a bath towel and a smaller towel per person.

If you’re staying in a cabin with Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter duvets and pillows are included, but bed linen and towels need to be brought along or ordered from Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell for an additional fee (This needs to be ordered in advance, at least 14 days before arrival).

Booking and payment

Which methods of payment do you offer?

You can choose to pay by card either VISA or Mastercard. All bookings must be paid in advance.

Where can I find my booking confirmation?

If you have booked your stay through the Gausta online booking or via phone you will get a booking confirmation by email to the email address you have stated. In the email you will find a link and login-information to My Page, where you can see your travel documents, payment details and all other information concerning your booking.

If you haven’t received your confirmation, please check if it has accidentally been caught by your spam filter. Also please check that you have stated the correct email address. If you need help you are always welcome to contact us through booking@gausta.com.

Change or cancel

What rules apply for cancellation?

You can find our booking terms here.

I want to change my booking? What do I need to do?

Contact us at booking@gausta.com or by phone +47 47693090 and we will help you out.

Check-in and check-out

When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in time may differ between different kinds of accommodation. Make sure to check the rules with each provider. 

Check-in at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, cabins and apartments, as well as Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter is from 4 pm on the day of arrival. Check-out is no later than 11:00 on the day of departure, unless you have agreed otherwise.


Where do I check-in? Where can I pick up my key?

Keys can be collected in the reception for each accommodation. If you have booked accommodation at Gaustablikk or Kvitåvatn you are welcome to check-in and pick up your keys in the reception at Gaustablikk. Read more here: Key pick-up / Gausta check-in.

Find and choose your accommodation at gausta.com

If I have personal wishes, can I state them when making my booking?

Yes, of course. Notify us of smaller wishes or information concerning allergies etc in the booking procedure online in the same view where you give us your contact information. 

If you have specific wishes or would like to custom tailor your stay you are always welcome to contact us at booking@gausta.com or by phone +47 35 09 14 22 and we’d be happy to help.

Can I choose accommodation with a view towards Gaustatoppen?

Yes, all cabins and apartments in Gausta online booking have a full view or partial view towards Gaustatoppen. If you wish to book a hotel room at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell you can choose a room with a view in the list of room categories. If no hotel rooms with a view are shown, they are unfortunately booked and unavailable – please try a different date or consider another room option.

Are there family rooms?

Yes, there are many different family rooms for guests travelling with children. Choose between double room superior, suite or junior suite. Extra beds are available in a sofa bed for two persons. You are also welcome to book any of our cabins or apartments. 

Do you want to make sure to book rooms next to each other? Please write this down in the comment section in the online booking. (Can not be guaranteed, but we will do our best to meet your needs.) 

Do you want to book rooms with a connecting door? Please contact us booking@gausta.com or by phone +47 35 09 14 22 and we will help you out.

Can I bring my dog to Gausta?

Dogs are welcome to Gausta. (All cabins, apartments and hotel rooms, except the allergy hotel rooms on the 2nd floor and suites.) And their stay is cheap – only 100 NOK per night. To book accommodation when arriving with a dog, please choose “Pet” in the additional choices in Gausta online booking. You can also contact us at booking@gausta.com or by phone +47 35091422  and we will help you out.

Gausta Ski & Snowboarding School

I am nervous about skiing. What should I do?

By telling us about your past experiences we can then adapt the lesson so as to help you rediscover the joy of skiing. We recommend that you book a private lesson so that you can refine your skills and find your confidence in your own time.

Can I request a specific instructor for private lessons?

We will always do our best so that you can have a lesson with the instructor that you request. Contact helen@gausta.com to organise this.

How will I know which level to book my child into?

Please check our level chart for more information.  Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact helen.merrifield@gausta.com.

On the first day of lessons, our experienced instructors will assess each child.  If the instructor believes that your child will be happier and develop more in another level they will let you know at the end of the lesson and we will let you know the new lesson time.

I would like to book ski school lessons. What is the easiest way to do this?

At Gausta.com you will find all of our available products with level descriptions.

Do we need to pre book ski school?

To guarantee your place in lessons we strongly recommend that you pre book.  Choose the type of lesson and book your place at Gausta.com.

We have never skied before, can we go to ski school?

You are so welcome!  We adapt our lesson to all levels. Choose the correct age group and book your place at Gausta.com.

What language do the instructors speak?

We ask that all of our instructors speak a Scandinavian language and we will do our best to learn and understand Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish phrases. We also speak English.

I would like my children who are different ages to ski together in the same lesson, am I able to book them into the same group?

The groups in the ski school are set up according to children’s development and maturity level. It is therefore not possible for children of different ages to be in the same group. In a group lesson it is important that children of the same age learn together in order to get the most out of the lesson.

You are very welcome to book a private lesson (PT) for your children. Please remember that with children of different ages and abilities , the instructor will initially focus on those with the least experience so that they can safely move around and grow in confidence.  It is also possible to split up a private  lesson where the instructor can ski with one child for part of the lesson and then ski with the child for the rest of the lesson.

We would like to book all our children/friends into lessons at the same time. Is this possible?

If there is an appropriate group available at the same time, then yes. However we need to spread the lessons throughout the day so as to help as many skiers as possible. It can happen that the children in the family will have different lesson times during the day.

How many children are there in a ski school group?

For our younger, less experienced guests we try to have a maximum of 6 in the group. The older and more experienced the children, the groups will be a little bigger with between 8-9 max in the group.

Getting here and getting around

Where can I park my car at Gausta?

There are many different places to park when arriving at Gaustatoppen and Gausta Skisenter. You can park at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell and outside the ski rental at Gaustablikk. Outside Sportellet in Hovdestaul and at Stavsro. An option is also to park in Rjukan and to take the bus Fjellbussen up to Gausta. Gaustabanen offers a parking space too, but only for the guests and passengers of Gaustabanen. Most cabins and apartments have their own parking space next to the accommodation. 

Please make sure to choose a parking spot where you have permission to park, otherwise you risk a parking fine or having your car towed away. Some parking spaces may have a parking fee. See local signs for specific information. You can also read more here: Parking at Gausta

In case of an emergency

Where can I find the closest pharmacist/doctor?

In case of a serious accident or emergency, please call SOS 113. 

If you or your child should hurt yourself within the Skisenter (the preparated slopes during the regular opening hours) you are welcome to contact the Ski patrol by phone +47 41 60 20 30. You can also use the SOS-function in the Gausta-app. In the Gausta app you find contact information to the Ski patrol as well as SOS. There’s also the possibility to share your GPS-position with the Ski patrol, making it easier and faster for them to find and assist you. To use the tracking feature you need to allow the app to use the GPS by  activating the location services in your phone.

If you should fall ill and need to see a doctor you should head to the health center Rjukan Legecsenter (vårdcentral) at Storgata 16 in Rjukan. You can reach them by phone: +47 35 08 29 60. In Rjukan there’s also an emergency room offering immediate assistance during the hours when the regular health center is closed. The emergency room can be reached by phone: +47 116 117. Heart starter/defibrillator can be found at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell and at Gaustatoppen/Gaustabanen. 

The nearest pharmacist is Vitusapotek at Storgata 19 in Rjukan. For minor injuries, band-aid and prescription-free medicines such as painkillers can be found at the grocery store Pose & Sekk.

Opening hours

Questions regarding Covid-19

Is it safe to book a trip to Gausta?

Gausta follows the Norwegian authorities’ decision and directive regarding Covid-19. New routines have been implemented and the organization has adapted operations in accordance with current advice. We do everything we can to make everyone feel safe getting up to the mountain, even in these times, and we of course comply with the authorities’ recommendations.

Read more here.

I booked my visit through an external agent, what booking conditions apply for me?

If you have booked through one of our partners, for example a tour operator such as Nord Resor or Colorline, or via an external booking platform such as Booking.com,  your booking is regulated by the conditions stated by each operator. If you have questions about your booking or wish to cancel we kindly ask you to contact the company that you have booked your trip/stay with.

Ski pass

I have lost my ski pass. Can you help me?

Hold on to your receipt and talk directly to the sales staff at Gausta ski rentals at Gaustablikk. You can also contact hello@gausta.com.

Are ski passes personal, or can they be shared?

All ski passes are personal. All-season passes should feature a photograph of the owner and can not be used by anyone else. The owner of the season pass should be prepared to show id when controlled. If the rules are not followed, the season pass can be deactivated without replacement. Misuse of ski passes may result in the owner being debited an additional fee or reported to the police.

Does my child need to buy a ski pass?

Free lift pass for all children from 0 til 7 years old *. This means that children start paying for their ski passes the day they turn 8 years old. The age of the child when the ski pass is activated applies. Children over 8 years old who will use the lifts in the lift system, other than the conveyor belt, must buy a keycard. (Available to buy online or on site.)

* Children 0-7 years must have a keycard that can be ordered for only 75 NOK. If you have a keycard from before, you charge it at the same time as you book. (Enter the 23-digit number on the back of the card.)

What different ski passes do you offer?

At Gausta there is a ski pass for everyone: full season pass, multi-day passes (2-8 days), day pass or pass per 2 hour. See all ski passes and prices here.

Where can I buy ski passes?

The smartest way to avoid standing in line, is to buy your ski pass online! You can buy new ones, or register and recharge keycards you’ve already got on the web. The ski passes are then activated the first time you use it in a lift. Ski passes can also be bought on location at the bottom lift stations at Hovdestaul and Gaustablikk. 

Please remember: All ski passes need a keycard. You can either buy one (a separate fee) when you buy your ski pass, or you can recharge and reuse a keycard you’ve had from a previous visit (in Gausta, or another resort using the same system).


Ski rental

I would like to go ski touring, can I rent ski touring equipment?

We recommend that you join one of our guided tours if you are new to ski touring so that you can enjoy the experience safely.  Always included in our trips is a transceiver, shovel and probe.

We rent out skis, boots, poles and skins for alpine ski touring but not safety equipment as we  want to have 100% control of their maintenance and operation.

I am going to ski Gaustatoppen from Gaustabanen. Which skis should I use?

Gausta skis are a freeride ski that perfectly lend themselves  for the purpose of skiing Gaustatoppen.  The skis are well constructed which makes them both stable and at the same time being 95cm underfoot means that they float through soft snow, but also have good edge grip.  The skis are rockered which means that they are very forgiving in different types of conditions.  We also have Völkl Mantra skis which have similar properties for those that have a need for speed. These skis can be used with normal ski boots.

Do you have carving skis?

All of our skis are modern, with different focuses.  

Some of the skis have shorter radius for those that want to make short carving turns at a lower speed or longer radius skis for more sweeping long turns at higher speed. 

Skis also come in different widths and wider skis are better for off piste  skiing and more narrow skis for on piste skiing. 

The staff in the rental shop will happily give you advice and inspiration.

Do children under 7 receive free ski equipment?

Yes if booked in conjunction with group lessons in the ski  school.

Do we have to pre book equipment?

In order to guarantee your choice of equipment we strongly recommend that you pre book your equipment. The most popular models can run out when it is busy in the resort.

If you pre book your equipment then your equipment will be ready to pick up when you arrive at the resort. You will save time and can get on the slopes more quickly. 

We will check that your boots fit before you leave the rental shop.


We have skis that are suitable for the park which are called park skis and it is ok to hit boxes, rails and are lots of fun.  We have freeride skis for young people which are perfect to ski on across the whole mountain, both on and off piste.  Freeride skis are similar to twin tips in that they are curved up at the back so you can ski backwards (switch).

How do I know which equipment to book?

The equipment is divided into 3 levels.

The Cruiser package is suitable for beginners or who want to take it easy on the slopes.  Skis that turn easily and are light.  The skis should be 10-15 cm shorter than you.

Performance skis are good fun, skis that are more suited to speed and have better grip than the  Cruiser skis. The skis are better constructed and provide more stability at speed.  The skis should be between 10-15 cm shorter than you or body length depending on your preferences.

Expert skis are more focused and  are suitable for enthusiasts.  Wider skis suitable for freeride/off piste/ skiing down Gaustatoppen or piste skis which are more like race skis.  

We also have new randonee skis and boots for ski touring.

I would like to book rental equipment. What is the easiest way to do that?

At gausta.com you will find all our products with a description of the levels.

Where can I rent ski equipment at Gausta?

There are rentals at two places on Gausta: a larger rental at Gaustablikk (Gausta ski rental) and a slightly smaller one at Gaustatoppen Sportell at Hovdestaul. Both offer skis and equipment for all types of skiing, regardless of level and focus.

You can also rent skis and equipment online from Gausta Skiutleie – then you do not have to stand in line and can quickly pick up your skis at the rental at Gaustablikk when you come here!

How much does it cost to rent skis at Gausta?

At Gausta ski rental at Gaustablikk you will find a well-stocked rental of skis and equipment for all kinds of skiing, regardless of skill level. Here is also a ski workshop with ski service.

See the price lists below.

Price list for the ski rental at Gausta Rental by Gaustablikk.