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Welcome to more mountain.

Some places have a special soul. An extra energy. After climbing the mountain wall of Rjukan’s dramatic valley, the scenery opens up to reveal the wide-open expanse that is Gaustatoppen. Here it is easy to find a home.

Here you can leave everything else behind you, a few thousand meters below. Let the phones ring out somewhere else. Meetings can carry on without you. Here there is space for time, reflection, thought and for adventure. Here you can relax in peace and quiet. Or max out on exercise. Whatever you need to relax.

In Gausta you will find green slopes that can embrace the whole family. For the joy and pride of seeing your children take command of the snow. 

These are experiences you never want to be without. It’s a trip you do together.

But here in Gausta there is also the adventure, right on your doorstep. No matter how much you love your family, there’s the freedom of those early morning adventures, when you give the slopes a rest and step through the tunnel door onto Gaustatoppen. Following the directions of the guide, you climb all the way to the top – 1883m above the sea – where a spectacular view awaits. The one you’ll talk about for years. The story you’ll tell the grandchildren.

Some places have something extra.
We call it more mountain.


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How do you want to stay on the mountain? With the full comfort and service at a nice hotel, or to reside in perfect privacy in your own cosy cabin?

At Gausta every kind of lodging can be booked. Come as you are, as a couple, as friends or family – or bring your team for a conference or kick-off. No matter what time of year you come, we promise you will experience More mountain.


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