Want to know what’s happening at Gausta? Join our Facebook group!

As a step in the process of simplifying communication, Gausta now releases a Facebook group. The group is called “Hva skjer på Gausta?” (What is happening at Gausta?) and the goal is to gather all the stakeholders, businesses and cab owners in the Gausta area.

From this winter -2019/2020, Gausta Skisenter is evaluating its channel strategy with the ambition to create more refined communication paths. The Facebook group is part of this strategy and will target stakeholders, businesses and cabin owners at Gausta – really anyone who wants information about what is happening in the Gausta area.

Furthermore, the aim of the group is to encourage dialogue and create a community for everyone who loves Gausta. We will post news and communicate about what is going on at the mountain, while the members themselves can ask questions and discuss with each other.

Simultaneously with the launch of the new Facebook group, we will also merge the Facebook pages “Gausta” and “Gausta Skisenter”. All information previously found on the Gausta Skisenter Facebook page will now be available on Gausta.

Reports on open slopes and lifts

During the season 2019/2020, all information about open slopes and lifts will be found in the interactive ski map. All data is retrieved from fnugg.no and updated in real-time. If you want to keep track of open slopes and lifts, you should primarily use the new ski map in the Gausta app or at gausta.com.

The interactive ski map will be released later in December. Until then, open and closed slopes are communicated on fnugg.no, Facebook, on the web or in the app.