Vätterledens Invest AB assumes complete ownership of Gausta Skisenter

Vätterledens Invest AB has acquired lifts, snow production and Gaustatoppen Skisenter A/S, becoming Gausta Skisenter’s sole owner in the process. The deal is part of a long-term strategy to make Gausta the premier destination among Norwegian ski resorts.

Last updated: 2021-12-02



Image: Ole-Kristian Samuelsen

Prior to this, in 2018, Vätterledens Invest AB (VIAB) became the owner of Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell and Skisenter. Before the winter 2018/19 ski season, the resort’s two ski centres – Gaustablikk Skisenter and Gaustatoppen Skisenter – joined in cooperation under the name Gausta Skisenter, becoming a single operation.

VIAB has now announced its purchase of material assets from Gaustatoppen Skisenter. The deal covers lifts, snow production, and overtaking the contracts and agreements with landowners involved. With its 13 lifts, 35 slopes, and world-class snow production facilities, conditions for future development at Gausta Skisenter are optimal.

“For all of us at Gausta Skisenter, it’s great news that the deal has been completed. With one owner, decisions can be made more quickly and we can work even more efficiently to give our guests the best alpine experiences that Norway has to offer,” says Bjørn Tverberg, general manager of Gausta Skisenter.

The next step towards the vision

“For Gausta as a destination, this deal is a natural next step on the way to realizing our vision – to create Norway’s most exciting mountain destination. Now that it’s been finalized, we’re looking forward to close collaboration with landowners and the Tinn municipality to create something that’s completely unique,” says Hans Langenius, General Manager of Destination Gausta.

A long-term plan

Since the original acquisition in 2018, VIAB has made major investments in Gausta. The ownership and all investments are all part of a long-term plan developed for the resort. Recently, improvements have been made in the ski centres, snow production, service buildings and facilities for guests at the destination.

“When the Corona pandemic is over, we will be well-equipped to keep developing the great potential that Gausta has as a destination,” says Mikael Jönsson, CEO of Vätterledens Invest AB.




Vätterledens Invest AB (VIAB) is an investment company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, focused on the long-term development of small and large companies. VIAB is active in several different industries, including industry, trade, real estate, forestry, energy and destination development. VIAB has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 1.8 billion. For more information, visit viab.se
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