2 cross-country ski trails around Gausta

Gausta has always been home to excellent cross-country skiing. Here you can choose from several well-prepared trails with varying degrees of difficulty. In total, the Gausta area offers 85 kilometres of top-notch prepared ski trails. Here are two favourites for beginners, exercisers and adventurous freedom-seekers.

The Svartdal trail – Good for exercise

Trail: The Svartdal trail (a combination of the green and orange trails)

Length: 2-9 km

Are you looking to get your heart pumping? Then we can recommend the Svartdal trail, which takes you all the way around Lake Kvitåvatn. Work began in 2019 to make the trail around the lake more durable and wider, and parts of the trail are now illuminated. The Svartdal trail runs alongside the water and includes a few climbs of around 30-50 metres. This makes the trail suitable for most people with experience of cross-country skiing who are looking for a physical challenge.

Are you looking for a more child-friendly trail? Choose the small trail in Svartdalsløypa starting at the ski stadium. (East of Kvitåvatn Fjellstue) It is approx. 2 km.

How to get here: It’s easiest to start the Svartdal trail at Bygget, Vatnedalen or Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. There is parking at Bygget and Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell.

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The blue trail – Find freedom and experience wide open spaces

Trail: The blue trail

Length: 23 km

Here we have a challenging day trip for those of you used to skiing in the mountains. The trail goes around Heddersfjell mountain and takes you past Lake Kvitåvatn, Lake Heddersvatn and the foot of Gaustatoppen. The blue trail is Gausta’s only high-mountain trail and it crosses the tree line. The vertical rises total 100-150 metres – so be prepared for some climbs and downhill slopes. The biggest challenge, however, is the weather, which can change quickly high up in the mountains. Expect a real challenge and tired legs after skiing this trail. It’s demanding and suitable for more experienced cross-country skiers.

How to get here: Like the Svartdal trail, this trail is circular so you can decide which starting point suits you best. You may wish to begin at Bygget or Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell where parking is available.

Tip! If you start the trail at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, you can buy drinks and snacks from Pose & Sekk opposite the hotel car park.

NB! This trail requires a lot of natural snow so it opens around 1 February. The 15-kilometre red trail is a good alternative to the blue trail. It doesn’t cross the tree line, but it’s a real challenge for the adventurous.


Renting cross-country skis

No cross-country skis? No problem. At Gausta Skisenter you can rent skis and equipment for all types of skiers and riders.

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