Towards a new peak

After almost 50 years as a destination Gausta prepares for great investments the coming years. The goal is to become one of Norway’s most prominent whole year destinations.
– We have the unique qualities needed, and the will and ideas to go forward, says Ane Johnsen, CEO Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell.

Telemark, is where modern downhill skiing was born. Hardangervidda starts here and it’s where you’ll find Gaustatoppen, Norway’s most iconic mountain. If you’re looking to establish a destination with a powerful brand then there is no better place.

– Gaustatoppen is so impressive that the local inhabitants feel they have a special relationship with it. Every day is an outstanding natural experience and that is what we want to share. It’s a strong desire within all of us and something we feel proud to be part of, says Ane Johnsen.


Strategic effort

As CEO of Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell she is one of several important figures on the mountain with visions and ideas of how to raise the destination to an even higher level. The investment at Gausta as a destination has been carefully thought out and strategically prepared, says Ane.

The genuine qualities will be taken advantage of, and strong brands such as Telemark, Rjukan, Gaustablikk and Gaustatoppen should be able to benefit from each other.

– There’s a common vision, a strong owner with the will and stamina to see it through and a team that wants to create something new together.




Proud history

Gausta’s history as a destination started when Olav Svartdal 1970 opened the doors to Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell and ski centre. 50 rooms were available together with a lift and two slopes. Since then, the destination has as a whole has grown thanks to several different owners.

– Olav Svartdal was a pioneer who dared to invest before anyone else did. The same innovative thinking exists today, but now with completely different financial backing, says Ane Johnsen, CEO of Gaustablikk.

Pure wilderness

Apart from a few cottages without electricity and running water, the Gausta area was pure wilder ness when Olav Svartdal skied around in the 60’s to find his dream location. In the middle of the mountain range, next to Kvitåvatn and overlooking Gaustatoppen he found the perfect site for his life’s dream – his own mountain hotel.

– What we achieved on Gaustablikk is continuity, and being faithful to our idea. We have not jumped on on all the passing trends but instead remained stable and genuine. Now as we invest and modernize it’s important to refine the uniqueness of what we have  says Ane Johnsen.

Future guests

At the same time, Ane Johnsen emphasizes the importance of meeting the expectations and needs of a new generation of visitors.

– The demands for quality in what we deliver are constantly increasing. We usually say that we don’t know our future guests yet. From there stems the will to think in new ways, follow the times and be able to offer the ultimate experience for our guests.

Good teamwork

– The Tinn municipality considers tourism a main priority and this means a lot. They are an important team-player and of crucial importance to our success. We have great respect for them, and as one of the largest players in the Norwegian mountains, we understand our responsibility for increasing tourism and being able to contribute to growth and value creation – both in the mountains and in Rjukan, says Ane Johnsen.

Now the journey begins

“To match the magic of our mountain” – this is the mission which now guides Ane and leads her team in their daily work at destination Gausta. In addition to the expansion of the hotel and ski system, comes the duty of every employee to see their own role in the new Gausta. Step-by-step we climb towards the top.

– It’s the will to invest in the long term which makes the vision of Gausta such an exciting journey to be involved in. Everything we need is in place. Together we will create a world-class destination, says Ane Johnsen.