The top 10 most instagrammable spots at Gausta

There are few places as photogenic as Gausta. The area boasts dramatic mountains, powerful waterfalls, and idyllic valleys. This is why we’re letting you know our top 10 most Instagrammable spots so that you can make your next visit to Gausta even more magnificent. And don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos #gausta – so that we can see your favourite spots at Gausta.


1. Gaustatoppen

Alight at the summit upper station of the Gaustabanen railway and continue your climb another 83 metres along the crest of the mountain until you reach the highest point – 1,883 metres above sea level. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather – on a clear day you can see a sixth of Norway from here! Read about everything you need to know before your visit to Gaustatoppen here

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2. Rent a canoe

Rent a canoe at Gaustablikk and enjoy the tranquility of Kvitåvatn – the lake right at the foot of the hotel. The peace and quiet of the water might even encourage you to leave your phone and everything else behind for a moment.

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3. Visit Rjukanfossen

At Gausta in July? Then make sure you pay a visit to Rjukanfossen – the 104-metre-tall waterfall in Rjukan. During the Marispelet play at the end of July, the water is released to make for an unmissable piece of theatre.

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4. Hike to Ørnenipa from Vatnedalen

A trip to the summit of Ørnenipa is a favourite among the locals, and we can understand why. From here you have a breathtaking view out towards Gaustatoppen, for example.

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5. Experience Gaustatoppen from another angle with Krossobanen

Take the Krossobanen railway up to the other side of the Vestfjord valley, and experience Gaustatoppen from another angle. Also great views of Rjukan and Vemork.

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6. Enjoy the view from Skipsfjell

Skipsfjell arguably offers Gausta’s best views of Gaustatoppen and Rjukan.

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7. Take a picture from the terrace at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell

On Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell’s terrace you have magnificent views of Gaustatoppen, Lake Kvitåvatn and the beautiful surroundings. Many photos have been taken here over the years, from the 1970 photo album to today’s Instagram post.

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8. Visit Gaustablikk’s floating sauna

A steaming sauna on a floating raft followed by an ice-cold dip in the dark waters of Lake Kvitåvatn with the regal Gaustatoppen as a backdrop… could there be a better insta moment?

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9. Visit Hulderhola

Heading out to Hulderholda at Stavsro is an adventure in itself. The 15-metre-deep cave is perfect for dramatic mountain pictures.

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10. Share your favorite spot at Gausta!

Have we left out your favourite spot at Gausta? Share your Gausta gems using the #gausta hashtag on Instagram so that even more people can discover the magic of the mountain.


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