Fishing at Gausta

What better way to explore the stillness and wilderness that Gausta has to offer than with a fishing -rod in hand. Tinn municipality around Gausta has approximately 800 different lakes with trout and Arctic char. Many waters are open for angling if you have a fishing permit.

The view of Gaustatoppen is breathtaking in all its forms, and for anglers it’s all the more beautiful when reflected in the water.

With its cold, clear lakes and bubbling brooks, Gausta and the surrounding area offer a varied fishing experience. The season begins as early as June and extends to late summer. In some lakes you can even fish all year round.

To try your luck at fishing you’ll need a fishing permit. Different lakes and fishing areas require different permits. Most of the fishing permits are available to purchase from, or locally in the Gausta area. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know for the most popular lakes at Gausta. 

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At lake Lake Kvitåvatn, just outside of Gaustablikk, you can enjoy fishing all year round – both angling from land and ice fishing.


Fishing permit for Lake Kvitåvatn

This fishing permits applies to is valid for four different lakes: Kvitåvatn, Tjørnsettjøn, the northern part of Djupetjønn, and the northern part of Heddersvann. You can buy your fishing permits at either Rjukan Tourist office or at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell.

Want to spend a night outdoors? Try camping on the mountain.


Season for fishing in Lake Kvitåvatn
All year round. 


Day card: 25 NOK
2 -day permit: 45 NOK
3-day permit 60 NOK
One Week permit  :  90 NOK
One  year permit: 250 NOK 


Getting here
Lake Kvitåvatn is located in the center centre of Gausta, just behind Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. You can park your car atin the large parking lotcar park at Gaustablikk.


Fishing in Gausdalen

On the west side of Gaustatoppen you can find Gausdalen – a beautiful mountain valley at the foot of Gaustatoppen that offers angling in 12 different lakes. Gausdalen is a great spot for trout fishing

Fishing permit for Gausdalen

You can buy the proper fishing permit for this area at either Rjukan Tourist tourist office, Selstali Seter, or at The permit applies to angling from land. A one-day fishing permit will cost you NOK 70 NOK, but you can also buy a weekend, week, or season permits are also available.

Staying at Gausdalen

Do you want to stay longer? Book a room at the idyllic Selstali Seter, or bring a tent and set up camp by the lakes.


Lakes included in the fishing permit
  • Kroketjønn
  • Klokstjønn
  • Homtjønnan
  • Melandstjønn
  • Trolltjønn
  • Selstalitjønn
  • Gråvåstaulvatnet
  • Fikstjønn
  • Aslakstaulvatnet
  • Skriustaulvatn


Season for fishing in Gausdalen
15 June – 31 August


Day permit 70 NOK
Weekend permit 120 NOK
Week permit 250 NOK
Season permit 500 NOK
Getting here
Gausdalen is easily reachableeasy to reach from the Gausta area. The easiest way to get here is by car to Selstali Seter. This is a 30- km drive from Gaustablikk. You can park your car by Selstali Seter.

Getting here

Lake Tinnsjön

The Beautiful Lake Tinnsjön offers trout and arctic Arctic char of fine quality and size. The lake is one of Norway’s largest and offers many great fishing spots.

Fishing permits for Lake Tinnsjön

Lake Tinnsjön is divided into 77 different fishing areas – and so are the fishing permits. Please note that the permits are valid for one year and are restricted to one area. The price varies depending on the area, from NOK 800 to 1,000 NOK. You can buy your fishing permits at The fishing permits applies to are for angling.

Season for fishing in Tinnsjön
All year round.


From 800 – 1000 NOK


Getting here
The lake is located just a 30- minute car ridedrive from Gausta – depending on what area you wish to visit, of course.

Hardangervidda National Park is the largest national park in Norway. The many lakes and rivers makes Hardangervidda a great choice for anyone planning a fishing trip in Norway.

Fishing permit for Hardangervidda

The National Park is divided into different fishing areas. The easiest area to get to from Gausta is the Maarfjell area – an area filled with trouts.

Maarfjell fishing team is a a joint venture consisting of six landowners. The purpose of the fishing team is to organize fishing permits in the southeastern part of Hardangervidda – giving you access to a large area with only one fishing permit.

You buy your fishing permit at Rjukan Tourist office, Audhild’s Sport og Fritid, at the cashier by Kalhovd Turisthytte, Stegaros and Synken. You can also buy the permit online at The permit applies to angling from land.

Lakes included in the fishing permit
  • Kalhovdsfjorden
  • Kilsfjorden
  • Geitebufjorden
  • Grytefjorden
  • Viervatnet
Plus: all of the waters east of the boundary between the municipalities of Tinn and Vinje and the boundary between Buskerud and Telemark to the boundaries to the west of Lake Mårvatn


Season for fishing at Hardangervidda
15 May to 19 August (because of pure hunting).


One day 130 NOK
One week 600 NOK


Getting here
The easiest way to get to Hardangervidda is using Krossobanen, the cable car that takes you from Rjukan to an altitude of 886 metres above sea level, to the upper station Gvepseborg. Then you can walk or cycle the rest of the way. You can also take the car to Kalhovd Turisthytte.


Getting here

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