Camping on the mountain

Camping in nature is amazing. At Gausta you are free to roam and to camp openly on the mountain. Just stay respectful and take into consideration the nature around you. It’s a feeling of total freedom and one where you can enjoy the amazing views of the Gausta area.

Like other Nordic countries, Norway has a public right of way. Here you stroll freely in forests, fields and mountains. You’re free to camp out under the stars, except for farm land and rest areas at the roadside.

All you have to do is make sure that you are at least 150 meters from the nearest house, and that you don’t disturb or destroy anything. The same rules apply when camping with motorhomes and caravans.

Carefully choose a camping area

Always choose your camping site with care and with the season in mind. During summertime, heavy rain and strong winds can expose your tent. In winter, cold, snowy and windy conditions can quickly affect your stay if you’re not adequately prepared.

Please read the Norwegian mountain code in full before you go hiking. And by the way! Don’t forget to download the Gausta app. There you can easily share your coordinates, call emergency services and reach the ski patrol.

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