Gausta pump track

Now curious children and playful adults can try cycling on the new pump track. For the smallest you find it at the Sport’n, and for the larger ones the track is outside the showroom at Gaustablikk. The pump track are part of the Gausta Bike Arena and the first step in a three-year cycle investment in Gausta.

A pump track is a kind of bike track or bike park where you use a pumping motion to propel the bike instead of pedalling. It’s a fun activity for developing your balancing abilities and learning skills, and it’s great for all ages and capabilities. 

Gausta’s pump track is around a hundred metres long and is located to the left of Sport’n at Gaustablikk. Bikes may need to be pushed up before starting, so smaller kids may need a helping hand. Remember that children may use the track only under the supervision of an adult.

For those who are looking for a slightly larger and more challenging course, the pump truck outside Gaustablikk Showroom is recommended. The courses offer a number of jumps.

Opening hours
Every day: 07 am  – 11 pm 
Bike rental: Every day 10 am – 5 pm
+47 35 09 14 22

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Bikes can be rented at Gausta Showroom. Bike rentals are free for children under the age of 7. A helmet is included in the price.

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