Health and relaxation

A thousand meter above sea level stillness awaits. Here at Gausta you will find the peace and relaxation for body and soul. Rest your eyes on beautiful views, take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and relax in pool and sauna after great nature experiences.

Leave everything else behind you some thousand meters below. Phones can ring somewhere else. Meetings can carry on without you. Here there is space for time, reflection, thought and adventure. Here you can relax in peace and quiet. Or max out. Whatever you need to relax.

Cold or hot baths?

With Lake Kvitåvatn in the centre of Gausta and 200 waterfalls falling down Vestfjorddalen the water is always present. Sneak down to the little beach behind Gaustablikk and take a refreshing bath in the cold mountain water. Or borrow a canoe and paddle out. If you prefer a slightly higher temperature the relax area at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell offers pool, jacuzzi and sauna with a splendid view of Gaustatoppen.



“It’s easy to find your inner peace here at Gaustablikk. We have a unique location by the lake, the mountains and the nature just outside. And there’s a stillness here making room and space for time. Time to think and just be. And yet, the stillness is very alive. There’s a movement that never stops, instead we follow the shifting seasons and have something new to offer. Whenever you arrive.” 

Ane Johnsen, CEO Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell



Floating spa-modules on lake Kvitåvatn

We have partly found inspiration from Vals in Switzerland. What we want to investigate is how fire, warm wood and the cold stone can interact and create something unique to Gausta. The new spa will be a destination in itself, something that, on its own, will motivate a journey to Gausta.


“Kvitåvatn also has an important role to play in the design of the new spa facility. The magic and the mystery around the lake is an atmosphere we want to work with. One possibility we see is having floating units on the lake moored at a pier. Everything to maximize the feeling of being in the middle of nature.”

Anders Koller Tufte, arkitekt
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