Privacy Policy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enshrined in European law in 2018, and this means that new rules for privacy applies. The new regulations give businesses such as Gausta Booking AS new duties and Gausta Booking AS ‘s customers new rights.

GDPR/Privacy for:
Gausta Booking AS
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New regulations came into force in May 2018 and Gausta Booking AS follows these new EU-based regulations. 

Gausta Booking AS has internal control procedures for the processing of personal information and other information that Gausta Booking AS receives from bookings. Personal information will not be sold or otherwise distributed to anyone other than those who need such information in order to implement the agreement/order including additional services.

The booker/guest/recipient of news e-mails, recipient of text messages and other market activity, will at any time be able to request the deletion of all information that is saved and which Gausta Booking AS is not obliged to retain under any other law or regulation.
The booker/guest will, unless the data has been required to be deleted, receive a newsletter from Gausta Booking AS or from one of the marketing names, and recipients may upon receipt of this immediately request that all information that Gausta Booking AS has saved shall be deleted at no charge.

By ordering accommodation, purchase of tickets or similar, this is considered as entering into an agreement with Gausta Booking AS and Gausta Booking AS is then required to register personal information. The booker agrees, at the time of the order, that Gausta Booking AS as Personal Data Manager, can use the information provided to implement Gausta Booking AS ‘s obligations in relation to the booker. If required, it may be necessary to transmit the information to partners in order to provide information, offers and services around the booker’s booking via e-mail, telephone, SMS and e-mail mailings. 

Everyone who receives e-mails or is or has been a customer of Gausta Booking AS or has subscribed to a newsletter/e-mail and has in connection with the order/newsletter/e-mail given their e-mail address and telephone number. It is hereby notified that Gausta Booking AS will send relevant information to the booker. The booker will be able to obtain information about a service that the booker did not know about, but the information should enable the booker to get better experiences in and around Gausta Booking AS.
Sending e-mail/text messages only involves the use of e-mail and/or telephone number, not any other personal information. It will be apparent from the e-mail where we have got the e-mail address from and that it is not used for purposes other than e-mailings. The content of the e-mail explains how the recipient can easily state that he/she does not wish to receive e-mails anymore and the booker can also request that all information about the booker that is registered shall be deleted.