New ski map for Gausta Skisenter

It’s finally here – Gausta Skisenter is releasing a new interactive ski map for the 2019/2020 winter season. With a better overview and built-in GPS*, it’s hoped that the new map will make it easier to navigate the Gausta area. You’ll also be able to use the ski map to see which slopes and lifts are open right now. 

There’s a lot happening at Gausta Skisenter this winter. Increased snow production, wider slopes, new signage and a new après-ski venue are just some of the changes ahead of this year’s season. In addition, a new ski map, or “destination map” as Managing Director Andreas Smith-Erichsen prefers to call it, is being launched in December. 

“Creating a new map was a natural step after last winter’s merger of Gaustablikk Skisenter and Gaustatoppen Skisenter. The new map will be an important information hub that links the entire Gausta area, from Vatnedalen in the east to Gaustatoppen in the west,” says Andreas. 

Interactive map shows open slopes and lifts

As in previous years, the ski map will be available in a paper format around the ski system. The new map is based on a brand new illustration of the area and contains more and clearer information than before. But the main change isn’t in the paper map but in the interactive version at and in the Gausta app. There the user will be able to filter different “layers” such as places to stay and places to eat – and, what’s more, see which slopes and lifts are open right now.

“All information about the ski system is automatically retrieved from and updated in real time. This makes it much easier for visitors to keep an eye on which slopes and lifts are open or closed,” says Andreas.


GPS positioning shows where you are

Users will also be able to see where they are in the ski system with the new interactive map. Thanks to smart technology, your phone’s GPS position can be converted into longitude and latitude co-ordinates, which in turn are converted into a point on the illustrated ski map. 

The GPS positioning will be launched in a later version of the interactive map and is due to be released in early January 2020. 

The digital version of the map will show the live status of open and closed slopes.

Using GPS on an illustrated map in this way is unique. The system was developed together with Henrik Reintz, who also illustrated the map. Henrik specialises in creating ski maps and has supplied maps for several destinations around the world. He has found working with Gausta to be especially enjoyable – and challenging. 

“As a destination, Gausta is completely unique, with the height of Gaustatoppen and the steep valley down towards Rjukan. There are a lot of angles and perspectives that need to be right. But the results turned out very well.”

And Andreas agrees:

“Everyone who lives and works here knows that the Gausta area is magical, but we’ve found it difficult to show visitors this. Now it finally feels as though we’ve got a map that does the area justice!” 

The next step: summer version and interactive screens

The new ski map is just the first step in a bigger map initiative. In the future there are plans to make a summer version of the map and to install large interactive screens around the lift system. 

*The interactive map is being released in early December. The GPS feature is expected to be in place at the beginning of January 2020. 


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