New paths for cross-country skiing and biking connects the Gausta area

Gausta has always offered excellent cross-country skiing. But this winter it will be even better. With the construction of new dirt roads in the terrain along Lake Kvitåvatn, the tracks can be reached earlier than before – and with more space for all types of exercisers.

It is a big project and has been split into several phases that are now being put into practice. The new gravel roads will be about 3.5 meters wide and will follow the soft hilly terrain alongside Kvitåvatn. The width makes it possible to create tracks on each side, with space for skating in the middle.

We will also leave a special place for walking

There are many visitors who want to be out in nature without skiing, and it is nice to take a walk there in the evening with lamps illuminating the way, says Britt Svartdal, chairman of Gaustablikk-Kvitåvatn Tourist Service and project manager for the new tracks.

Previously, walking has been confined to the road between Bygget and Gaustablikk. The new dirt roads will be able to be used all year round, including cycling in the summertime – which will be both safer and more enjoyable.


6 km illuminated track

The tracks will be illuminated all the way from Vattnadal to Bygget – a total of almost 6 km. The new roads will also provide the opportunity to create good quality skiing tracks earlier in the season.

“With our new gravel roads in the terrain we get a flat surface where we can pack the snow harder earlier in the autumn, Which means it will stand up to the milder weather better,” says Britt Svartdal.



Longer Season

At Gausta, the long-distance season has previously been from just before Christmas to the end of April.

“In the long term, we hope to have the opportunity to store snow in the summer. Then we could have tracks ready to go on October 1, “said Britt Svartdal.

Important for the clubs

The building of new tracks for cross country skiing is important for the whole area. But not least for the local ski clubs that now have better opportunities for both training and competitions. In the long term, Gausta can also host major competitions and championships.