New mountain bike trails at Gausta – interview with Ulf Olofsson

A more beautiful and fun place than Gausta for mountain biking is hard to imagine. That’s why Gausta is well on its way to become a mountain bike-arena for visitors from all over Scandinavia.

There’s a growing interest in mountain biking in Scandinavia. Many visitors have found mountain biking to be a summer sports activity that’s just as fun as skiing in the winter and it can also be enjoyed together with family and friends.

First: A pump track for children and young people

In partnership with Trail Solution, this summer Gausta will offer mountain biking tracks for the first time.

– The first stage is to build a small pump track at Gaustablikk for children and young people. It’ll be ready to use by midsummer, explains Ulf Olofsson of Trail Solution, the company behind many of Scandinavia’s cycle parks.

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Ulf Olofsson, Trail Solution


A pump track is like a skate park for bikes, with terrain waves and velodrome curves in a limited space. During the summer and autumn, development will continue with longer tracks for cross-country cycling. 

– Out on the peninsulas of Kvitåvatn, we’re connecting different outcrops of rocks with wooden sections to create a fun course that offers great flow and a true ‘YIPPEE!’ effect.

The Gaustablikk express takes you up on the mountain

The ambition is to also offer family-friendly routes using the Gaustablikk express lift to get you to the starting point.

– According to our masterplan, these tracks and trails will be built over the next three summers and opened as soon as possible. The first sections are due to be ready by the 2020 season, continues Ulf.

– The plans are incredibly ambitious. We hope to be able to present the full range of tracks very soon, says Ane Johnsen, CEO of Gaustablikk.