Introducing the Gausta Collection

Sustainable, climate smart and timeless design. The new Gausta Collection has been developed withe care for people and planet to offer a more mountain experience that lives up to the Gausta standard. Now you can buy your favourite garments in the Gausta showroom.

Starting in February you will find the Gausta Collection for sale and display in the Gausta showroom. The collection comprises both skiing equipment as well as high quality garments you can trust.


Specially designed skis for off-piste enthusia

Skis are not created equal. If you’ve ever tested a pair of really good skis – then you know the feeling. The limited edition Gausta skis are built by the renowned boutique manufacturer Åre Skidfabrik and based on the test-winning model Extrem Fusion 95. The Gausta skis are modern all-mountain skis suitable for any terrain. Enjoy your speed and control carving perfectly groomed corduroy-slopes, or take out the skis for the best powder adventure of the season. 

Modern ski goggles from Appertiff 

Gausta Collection also includes high quality ski goggles from the Swedish premium brand Appertiff.  Combing a modern look with excellent contrast and sun protection they will help your focus in any weather. The model (Appertiff DWG AIR) are frameless goggles with a cylindric lens with quick-lens change functionality. An extra yellow lens suitable for demanding weather conditions is included

High quality outdoor clothing

Yet, there is more than skiing equipment. We have also developed high quality Gausta-garments In the collection you can find vests, t-shirts, hats and gloves. These are products that can be worn both on the mountain or back in the city. Perfect souvenirs or a gift to bring home to someone loving the mountain as much as you do. 

Backpack and water flask

Can’t get enough of Gausta? Come by the Gausta showroom and buy the back-pack or water flask.


On sale at Gausta Showroom

Interested in the Gausta Collection? Swing by the Gausta showroom, next to Gaustablikk. Here you will find the whole collection on sale.  The products will also be for sale at the Sport1 at Gausta.

Gausta showroom