Kim Daniel – park designer for Gausta

Gausta not only offers beautiful nature, long slopes and high-quality trails for cross-country skiing – but now also two snow parks, with features for both the snow park junkie and the curious rookie. The snow parks are designed by the 26-year-old snowboard-passionated Kim Daniel, who runs the company KimmiDshaper. With the two snow parks, Gausta is now a destination suitable for all types of riding.

An interest that became a career

Kim Daniel grew up a small coastal town named  Risør, but has always had a longing for the mountains. Already as a 17-year-old he moved to Hvoden to become a tourist leader, and focus on his snowboarding career. His interest, however, extended further than just the riding and Kim Daniel began to explore the creation of snow parks.

– There are many aspects that I like about park building. First and foremost it is that you get the opportunity to develop your creativity. A terrain park is never quite the same as another when you build it. I love seeing other people use the park I designed.

As a 19 year old, he already collaborated with some of Norway’s best park builders, and faced the choice to choose from a career in snowboarding or one as a snow park builder.




“After the decision to continue as a park builder, I felt a development and an interest that only continued to grow.”

Kim Daniel Jonassen



In his spare time he drew a lot of sketches and eventually learned to draw terrain parks in a 3D program. The possibilities grew and the planning and construction process was experienced as much easier. Kim Daniel has worked on several exciting projects over the years and in 2015 he started the company KimmiDshaper, which designed the parks at Gausta.

– I’m glad that I will be a part of the spectacular adventure in the same area where a lot for me started, at Gausta.

What features does the snow parks contain?

– The snow parks includes boxes, jumps, rails and a spine. The green line is perfect if you’re new in the park and the blue line is more challenging and more suitable for the more experienced rider, or curious rookie.

How advanced are the different snow parks?

– The parks are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The west snow park at the Hovdestaul area offers the smallest jumps and railway elements which are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The east snow park at Gaustablikk offers bigger jumps and track elements that are more suitable for experienced riders. In other words, the snow parks can together offer and satisfy the difficulty level from beginner to advance.

Why should people test the park when they are visiting Gausta?

– It’s so fun and you never stop learning! The snow parks is a sanctuary for joy and exciting challenges. Absolutely everyone can have fun in the park, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced rider!

What is your goal with the park?

– My goal is to develop it into a good and established snow park for the Gausta Skisenter guests. I also hope that we will eventually succeed in creating a good and warm park environment that will help encourage riders to challenge themselves in the snow parks. In line with this goal, the snow parks will hopefully contribute to form skilled riders, both snowboarders and twin tip riders. We will also arrange events that everyone can participate in. Hope to see you there! Do you want to read more about the snow parks, click here.