The alpine responsibility code – ski safety at Gausta Skisenter

When you purchase a ski pass at the Gausta Skisenter or use the ski facility, you undertake to adhere to the alpine responsibility code, developed in collaboration with Alpinanleggenes Landsforening (ALF). A violation of the alpine responsibility code may result in your expulsion from the facility.


Use a helmet and show consideration.

It is important that you wear a helmet, show consideration for other skiers and snowboarders, and adhere to the alpine responsibility code. You should be able to ski with us safely, so we all have a responsibility for our own skiing.


You have the responsibility for avoiding injuries.

You must behave in such a way that you do not pose a danger to yourself or to others. You must be in full control of your ski and snowboard equipment at all times. You are responsible for ensuring your equipment does not injure other people or damage other equipment.


Adjust your speed according to the conditions.

You must ski in a controlled manner, adjusting your speed and style according to your skill, the terrain, the conditions, and traffic.




Duty to give way.

Those coming from behind (from above) must ski in such a way that they do not pose a risk of collision.





You can overtake another skier or snowboarder provided that you leave them enough space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements. You must not ski straight downhill, except for during organised training.


Starting off, turning in, or turning uphill on a descent.

If you turn in or turn uphill on a descent, you must ensure that this does not pose a danger to yourself or others. The same applies when starting off after a stop.



Stopping on a descent

Unless absolutely necessary, you should not stop on a descent in a confined space, under overhangs, or in places with limited visibility. If you fall in such a location, you must move out of the way as quickly as possible.


A descent on foot.

If you are on foot, you must use only the outer edges of the slope.





Ski binding brakes and snowboard leashes are compulsory.

Check that the bindings are mounted correctly.



Respect signs and markings.

For your own and others’ safety, follow signs, markings, and instructions. Never ski on slopes or in areas that are signposted as closed. This can result in accidents, damage equipment, or, in the worst case, endanger lives.



Remaining in an alpine facility outside of its opening hours is forbidden.

This can be life-threatening as work takes place outside of opening hours to produce snow and prepare slopes.



Assistance in the event of an accident

Everyone has a duty to help in the event of an injury. Witnesses and those involved must provide their personal details. If a guest is injured in the alpine ski facility, contact Skipatrulje on +47 41 60 20 30. In the event of a serious injury or accident, you must always contact the emergency services on 113.


Be cautious.

Alpine skiing comes with a degree of danger, so please be cautious. Drugs and skiing do not go together.



Thank you for following the rules and contributing to a safer environment on the slopes.