Price list & Early Bird discount

Get a 15% Early Bird discount when buying a season ski pass online before 31 October at 23.59.59. And when you buy season passes for the whole family, you can save even more! (See below.)


Price list

Ord. price

Early Bird price


Adults 18-64 years
5 895 NOK
5 010 NOK
885 NOK
Children/youth 8-17 years
4 740 NOK
4 025 NOK
715 NOK
Senior 65+ years
4 740 NOK
4 025 NOK
715 NOK


Skiing is free for children under 8 years at Gausta. However, all children who are riding the lifts at the resort must have a valid Skidata keycard (75 NOK).

Price list – family packages

This year the family packages are valid for all families with 1-2 adults and 1-4 children between the ages of 8 – 17 years old. Of course children between 0-7 years can ride the lifts for free -all they need is a valid lift pass! (Please note that these packages are only eligible for adults and children. Senior passes can not be combined with the family package).


Family packages

Ord. price

Early Bird price


1 adult +
1 child/youth
9 250 NOK
7 980 NOK
1 270 NOK
1 adult +
2 children/youth
13 500 NOK
11 680 NOK
1 820 NOK
1 adult +
3 children/youth
17 750 NOK
15 380 NOK
2 370 NOK
1 adult +
4 children/youth
22 000 NOK
19 080 NOK
2 920 NOK
2 adults +
1 child/youth
14 250 NOK
12 260 NOK
1 990 NOK
2 adults +
2 children/youth
18 500 NOK
15 960 NOK
2 540 NOK
2 adults +
3 children/youth
22 750 NOK
19 660 NOK
3 090 NOK
2 adults +
4 children/youth
27 000 NOK
23 360 NOK
3 640 NOK



Opening hours at Gausta Skisenter 2021/2022

This year there are special opening hours for lifts and slopes in Vatnedalen.



Included in the season pass


News for the winter season 2021/2022


How to buy a season ski pass this year

You can buy your season ski passes online in two different ways:

  1. Recharge your existing Skidata keycard and go directly to the slopes. Make sure to have your keycard available and upload a new photo of the season pass holder.
  2. Buy a season ski pass and a new keycard online and upload a photo of the season pass holder. Pick up your season pass the ticket machine/pick-up box at Gausta Ski Rental or at Hovdestaul after 15 November. (Enter your 8-digit code.)


Collecting and activating your season pass

With a keycard from Skidata

You can go directly to the lift. Your card will be activated the first time you scan through the gate. Remember to hold your pass still for between 3-5 seconds as you scan through the gate for the first time so that your season pass is uploaded onto your card. 

It is possible to activate your season pass on the following lifts: Skipsheisen, Lilleputt, Gaustablikkekspressen, Fyrieggheisen, Fyrieggekspressen, Parkheisen and Fjellheisen.


If you have bought a new keycard online

You can collect your pass at the lift pass machines in front of Gausta Ski Rental and Hovdestaul. You will need the 8 digit code.

Season passes can be collected after 15th November. 

Season pass terms and conditions

Here is a summary of the terms and conditions:

  • Season passes are valid from the beginning of December until the end of April.
  • All season passes require a valid keycard and a picture of the pass holder. (Face and eyes must be visible in the picture).
  • Season passes are to be used only by the holder and can not be used by anybody else.
  • Abuse of a season pass can lead to passes being taken, fines may be given or individuals may be reported to the police.
  • If you are unable to use your season pass (because of borders being closed or similar) you will be refunded. Please note that this only applies when the season pass has not been activated. Activated season passes cannot be refunded.

You can read all of the season pass terms and conditions here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go to the ticket office first?

If you load your existing keycard from Skidata you can go straight to the lift. The first time that you go through the gate you will need to hold your pass still for 3-5 seconds so that the pass can be loaded onto your keycard. If you don’t have a keycard and have bought one online then you can pick it up from the ski pass machines outside of Gausta Ski Rental or at Hovdestaul. It is possible to collect your season ski pass from 15th November.

Where can I collect my season pass? 

If you have brought a season ski pass with a new keycard from Skidata, you can collect them in one of our lift pass machines/pick-up boxes at Gausta Ski Rental (next to Gaustablikk) or at Hovdestaul next to Fyrieggheisen after 15th of November. 

At which lifts can I activate my pass?

You can activate your season pass at Skipsheisen, Lilleputt, Gaustablikkekspressen, Fyrieggheisen, Fyrieggekspressen, Parkheisen or Fjellheisen. 

Do I need to have a keycard? 

Everybody who uses the ski system must have a keycard, so that it is possible to pass through the gates to the lifts. We use keycards from Skidata. You can buy this at the same time as you buy your lift pass or use an existing keycard from Skidata. Children between the ages of 0-7 must also have a keycard.

  • If you have an existing keycard from Skidata, load your pass at the same time as you are buying your pass. (Enter the 23 digit number on the back of the keycard.)
  • If you don’t have a keycard you can buy it online. 
  • If you are buying passes for more than one person and some already have keycards and some don’t, you can buy their keycards online. Load the passes that you have and buy keycards for those who don’t have existing passes. 

Do children need to buy lift passes?

Skiing is free for children under 8 years at Gausta. However all children who are riding the lifts at the resort must have a Skidata keycard (75 NOK). Children who are using the children’s surface lift don’t need a keycard.  

I can’t find an appropriate season pass package for my family. What should I do?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer an infinite number of family packages for the winter season. We do understand that families are all made up differently and before every season we go through all of our packages so that they match most family units. If you don’t find a combination that works for your family, you can always combine a family package with one or multiple single season passes.

Please note that these packages are valid for adults and youth. Senior passes cannot be combined with family packages. 

I have forgotten my keycard in my cabin and don’t remember the 23 digit number? What should I do?

If your pass is in your cabin, first and foremost please try to get the number during a visit or log in to your Skiperformance profile. If you are unable to do any of the above, please contact customer service at so that we can help you further. You can also choose to buy a new keycard.



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