Gausta Skisenter aims high – opens for winter season November 16!

On November 16, Gausta Skisenter opens for the winter season. Better than ever and with a vision and direction for the future. For the 2019/2020 season, major investments have been made in better snow production and a better customer experience in the ski system. What’s more, the leadership has been strengthened by bringing in a very experienced leader, Andreas Smith-Erichsen, to take the development further.

A full NOK 50-60 million has been invested in Gausta Skisenter for the winter season. Mainly in expanded snow production from TechnoAlpin. The fully automated system has higher capacity in the pumps and will provide extended production, primarily in Hotellbakken, Sondreløypa, Svart’n and Linken.

– At the same time, we have also widened slopes, improved and rebuilt them to create a better link between the western and eastern part of the ski system, says Andreas Smith-Erichsen, new CEO of Gausta Skisenter.

Andreas Smith-Erichsen, new CEO for Gausta Skisenter.


Important recruitment for the future

The recruitment of Andreas Smith-Eriksen is an important part in making Gausta a leading ski destination in the Nordic region. His most recent position was as CEO of Geilo Holding/Ski Geilo. Prior to that he worked as alpine operations manager and CEO of Skistar Hemsedal for a total of 14 years. It is thus one of Norway’s most experienced ski system developers who is now taking on the task of developing Gausta Skisenter for the future.

– Gausta Skisenter has unique conditions and an incredible potential. This is why I’m so excited to work with this organisation and to bring Gausta to the top, says Andreas Smith-Erichsen.

Better customer experience

For Andreas, there is no doubt what is most important – everyone who visits Gausta must have a great time.

– The customer experience is our absolute focus. Only by delivering top results can we achieve our goal of creating returning customers. Therefore, we will place great focus on employee development, he says.

Andreas’ goal is also to strengthen Gausta’s attractiveness by developing more market-adapted products in and around the ski system – so that the alpine experience for each guest can be improved.

Great improvement in the ski system

Major improvements and maintenance work have been done on important lifts and there will also be new and clearer signage throughout the system. Snowboard and twintip riders can look forward to two new snow parks with jumps and rails, and evening skiing will be included for free in the ski passes.

–  There will be an improved customer experience on site. Also in your smartphone, Andreas says. The new Gausta app has a newly developed interactive ski map that will show you your position in the system. In addition, there will be a new après ski, The Loft, which opens in December.

Big increase in ski passes sold

Recent years’ investments in Gausta have led to an increasing interest in the destination. This is also noticeable in the statistics – season ticket sales in October 2019 increased by 42 percent, compared to 2018. 

– It’s gratifying and shows that there is both an interest and a confidence in the investments we make, says Andreas.

A new masterplan

To meet new expectations and demands for a modern and good skiing system, Andreas has started working on a new master plan for Gausta Skisenter. This is done in collaboration with Ecosign Mountain Resort Planning, a Canadian company that is one of the world’s most experienced “mountain planning” companies. 

– Gausta has a huge potential and all opportunities needed to create a world-class experience. Now we look forward to a fantastic winter season with lots of snow and fantastic days skiing, says Andreas Smith-Erichsen.



Name: Andreas Smith-Erichsen
Phone: +47 911 89 053



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