Find the food truck in the slope

Eat lunch right on the slope with a new view every day. This winter Gausta premieres a pist machine converted to a food truck, able to move around to a new position in the ski center every day. A GPS-tracker onboard connected to the Gausta app makes it possible for all skiers to plan their lunch right in their smartphones.

The big-city trend with food-trucks now spreads to the mountains. During the autumn a piste machine has been converted to a food truck, hosting a small kitchen on board.

– As far as we know its so far something unique among the Scandinavian mountain resorts, says Søren Scotwin, Food & Beverage Manager at Gaustablikk høyfjellshotell and responsible for the menu and food concept.

Street-food and drinks

Just like food-trucks we are used to from big cities the focus will be straight street-food and refreshing drinks.

– All we serve is gran-n-go. Simple dishes, hot and cold drinks, says Søren.

The menue includes classic such as baked potatoes and crêpes with various delicious fillings. There will als be “French hotdogs” and grilled toast being served. Food easy to eat standing on the slope.

Where is the food truck today?

For safety reasons, the food truck will not move during the day while the lifts are open.

–  It will be moved to a new spot every morning and remain there during the day, explains Søren Scotwin.

If you like surprises and discoveries, every ski day can start with a “find-the-food-truck” game. If you’re impatient or hungry it might be faster to pick up your phone. Gausta’s new app  will show its position for day on the ski map…

– This is achieved with the GPS-tracker onboard the food truck, says Søren.


See position 

Steps fold out

Thanks to its bandwagon-construction the food-truck moves easily up and down the steepest slopes. But of course it’s important to park it so that it is accessible and easy to reach for all hungry skiers.

– The food truck has its own electric supply so it can be parked anywhere.

When parked steps and a platform are folded out for the lunch guests to climb. Onboard there’s a kitchen four square meters big.

– We are thrilled to see how our guests will receive it. We hope that many will appreciate the possibility of getting a quick snack right on the slope, says Søren Scotwin.