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Am I allowed to walk on the cross-country ski trails?

Yes, you can walk on the cross-country ski trails. The track Svartdalløype around Kvitåvatn is, for example, well suited for walking. Keep to the right and do not walk on the ski trail itself. Pay attention to skiers and always let them through. Also, remember not to walk on the tracks in milder weather, when there is a lot of wet snow on the tracks, immediately after heavy snowfall or early/late in the season. If any of those conditions, the tracks can easily get destroyed, which is not appreciated by either pedestrians or skiers!

Are bed linen included in the rent for cabins and apartments?

Bed linen and towels for your stay are included in the price for cabins and apartments, with the exception of Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter. The bed linen includes duvet, pillow, sheets, duvet cover and pillowcase for each person/bed. The towels include a bath towel and a smaller towel per person.

If you’re staying in a cabin with Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter duvets and pillows are included, but bed linen and towels need to be brought along or ordered from Gaustablikk Fjellresort for an additional fee (This needs to be ordered in advance, at least 14 days before arrival).

Are there any plans to build a ski lift to Gaustatoppen?

Right now there are no plans to build a ski lift to Gaustatoppen, but today, Gaustabanen functions as one, only that it goes inside of the mountain. The ride to the top takes about 15 minutes. 

Are there ski storage rooms at my accommodation?

Most cabins feature ski storage with room for skis, pools, sleighs etc. See Gausta online booking to see what is included in each accommodation alternative. 

If you are staying at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell you can store your alpine equipment in the hotel ski storage room on the left side of the entrance (just follow the signs).