Eat and drink

Something quick and easy on the slopes, a well-prepared food or a three-course meal – at Gausta you will find dining for the whole family.

Food store

Our goal is to find everything you need at Gausta whether you want to dine in style or simply buy something to take back to your cabin. And since the new opening of the Pose & Sekk grocery store, the autumn of 2018, almost everything you need is available within a few kilometers. Now that’s what we call vacation!

Food & Drink

At Gausta there are several different restaurants and eateries. Choose from favourites such as pizza at Den Lykkelige Sportsmann, a delicious meal at Gaustablikk restaurant or simple food at the back of Gausta Food Court. Everything tastes a bit better here, in fresh mountain air up to 960 meters altitude – with the silhouette of Gaustatoppen in the background.

Finally time for after-ski and a cold beer? We recommend that you go down to our restaurants, which are located directly adjacent to Gausta Skisenter. Or why not go back to Gaustablikk Hoyfjellshotell, order something nice to drink in the bar and relax to the cosy sounds of an open fireplace with the view of the mountain.

Restaurants and cafés


The Gaustablikk restaurant

The restaurant at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell serve Norwegian food in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


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The Loft

This winter Gausta opens the door to its new après-ski The Loft. Here you will be able to enjoy both live music and great food.





Food truck

Eat lunch right in the slope with a new view every day. Just like food trucks we know from big cities the focus is easy grab-n-go food and hot and cold drinks. The menu includes classics such as baked potatoes, crêpes with delicious fillings, french hotdogs and grilled toast. Food easy to eat standing on the slope.


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Gausta Food Court

Gausta Food Court (Sport’n Skikafé) is the perfect spot for a quick lunch with your ski-boots on. The menu includes a wide variety of food and drinks for all ages. 


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At Hovdestaul right on the slopes you find Bygget. The perfect stop for great food and drinks when your legs are tired after a long day on the slopes. 


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Rjukan Kinokafé

Rjukan Kinokafé has again opened its historic doors. On the menu you find exciting and tasty dishes inspired by the Italian kitchen with homemade pizza, tasty pasta, and meat dishes to bruschetta, soups, and salads.


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Den Lykkelige Sportsmann

A delicious lunch by the slalom slopes, Apres-ski with friends or catering for dinner at your cabin – Den Lykkelige Sportsmann at Gausta (or in English ‘The Happy Sportsman’) offers a bit of everything.


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Gaustatoppen Turisthytte

Gaustatoppen Turisthytte is located almost at the top of Gaustatoppen. Here you can enjoy freshly baked waffles and a cup of coffee with a breathtaking view of large parts of southern Norway.


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Grocery store


Pose & Sekk grocery store

At Pose & Sekk grocery store you’ll find everything you need for a pleasant stay at Gausta. Ready for the winter season 2018, the whole store has had a major facelift as well as an upgraded assortment of groceries. 


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