Discover Gausta

Norway’s most iconic peak. World class nature experiences, a unique history and the world heritage site Rjukan nearby. The reasons for visiting Gausta are so many and so unique that the mountain destination is beyond comparison.

In Norway Gausta is since long one of its biggest mountain destinations, in the summer as well as in the winter. A visit here is a life goal for most Norwegians. Yes, almost as if they’d rather keep Gausta for themselves.

But when you have Scandinavia’s most spectacular peak and an underground train going straight to the top – well, then it’s hard to keep it a secret for long.

35 km pistes, 85 km cross-country tracks and 200 frozen waterfalls for ice-climbing with axes. A winter in Gausta is more adventure than you can ask for really. And still, the destination has its most visitors during the summertime.

Take a moment and ask yourself why. We’ll give you a hint: More mountain.

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