Current information about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on our operations

We at Gausta are looking forward to a winter season that looks a little bit different than usual – one in which certain helpful rules and restrictions take an important place in our everyday operation. Nobody knows for sure what this winter season is going to look like: but our goal is to create a safe, secure Gausta experience for everyone – with lots of snow and skiing.

Here you can read more about the precautions we’re taking and how we’re working preventatively to reduce the risk of infection in various different parts of the destination.

Updated: 2020-11-06

About the guidelines and restrictions

We’re following guidelines laid out by the health authority, as well as the Norwegian authorities, and Alpinanleggenes Landsförening, and we’re also maintaining a dialogue with the chief physician for the Tinn municipality. In conjunction with all of this, we make decisions and act on behalf of all of the destination’s guests and employees.

All of these measures will be introduced on an ongoing basis. They are expected to have been implemented by the start of the ski season and the opening of Gausta Skisenter.

Please be aware that rules and information can change at short notice. You can stay up to date with all of the latest information at the following links:

New booking terms

Accommodation, ski passes and activities purchased via, or the Gausta app are subject to the new, more generous booking terms. They include:

  • Improved cancellation terms. You can cancel without having to pay anything, at least one day before the start date, and be refunded the entire cost of the pass.
  • Clear refund terms, if the resort has to close due to a decision taken by the authorities. We follow the  ALF (regulatory organization for the industry) guidelines.

See the full terms and conditions here: General booking terms


  • Under normal circumstances (not emergencies), please contact us via mail on We will try to answer within a day.
  • If urgent, please call the reception at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell on +47 35 09 14 22, Gausta ski rental at +47 47 69 30 90 or contact Skipatruljen on +47 41 60 20 30
  • Rjukan Legesenter: +47 35 08 29 60
  • Rjukan Legevakt: +47 116 117
  • SOS: 113

General restrictions

Are you ill, or quarantining? Stay at home!

Do you feel ill, even with light cold symptoms? Are you quarantining? If so, please do not visit any of Gausta’s facilities. This even applies to restaurants, grocery shops and the ski resort. Please remember to follow our general guidelines:

  • Wash your hands and be careful when coughing
  • Keep at least 1 metre away from other people at all times

Read more about quarantine guidelines here: If you are travelling to Gausta from outside of Norway (in Swedish)

What happens if you start to develop symptoms or become ill while visiting Gausta during winter?

If you start to experience cold symptoms or other symptoms – like fever, a sore throat, chest pains, or difficulty breathing – while at Gausta this winter, please follow the recommendations below:

  • Contact the reception in your accommodation or Ski Patrol by phone, and we will be able to assist you directly
  • Return home as quickly as possible
  • Stay outside, or in your own room, if at all possible
  • Don’t use public transport
  • Cover your mouth and nose and stay at least two metres away from everyone
  • Take a Covid-19 test. Contact your local doctor and follow their instructions. This is the quickest and most effective way to get assistance
  • If the test result is positive, contact the reception in your accommodation
  • Only visit hospital or a medical centre if you are directly in need of medical help, or have a Covid-19 test appointment

As of this year, you can now book more products online, all via the same booking service. Please make the most of this and help avoid excessive and unnecessary queueing.

Bookings, payments and queues

We would encourage you to pre-book on or via the Gausta app whenever possible. This applies to accommodation, ski passes, ski lessons and equipment. We would also strongly encourage you to pay attention to any signs you see, as well as any recommendations given by our staff: these are all there for your own safety.

We’ve implemented a series of restrictions that will help avoid the formation of queues: including clear guidelines for the ski system and limits on the number of people who can be in any of our facilities at any time. In queues, please stay at least one metre away from other people at all times. Only one group at a time per till.

Use contactless payments. Please pay with card or VIPPS.


We have precise routines for cleaning in all areas of the destination, and follow industry guidelines. We regularly disinfect all frequently-used and essential surfaces – like door handles, toilets, card terminals and ticket machines. Disinfectant and handwash should always be available all over the destination, and be used in conjunction with frequent handwashing.

Contact tracing

In line with the regulations for contact tracing, all guests must register themselves when visiting Gaustas accommodation, ski resort, restaurants, and so on. This can be done digitally, either when booking or by following instructions in the locations themselves. Your details will be saved for 10 days, as per the new contact tracing regulations, and will only be used for this purpose.

Gausta Skisenter

We are currently in the process of preparing Gausta Skisenter for the winter season and will open just as soon as the weather and other conditions allow. Before the start of the season, we will check over all of our usual routines to make sure that they have been adapted to the current situation – letting you enjoy your winter holiday safely and securely.

Gausta Skisenter is a member of the Alpinanleggenes Landsforening, which has – for this year’s winter season – put together a collection of common guidelines and practices for all ski resorts in Norway. You can see these guidelines on

Ski pass

To avoid queues, please buy your ski pass online at or in the Gausta app. You can either activate an existing keycard from Skidata, or buy a new one. You can pick up your lift pass in the automated machines at Gausta Skiutleie. To minimize crowding and the risk of infection, all ticket machines have been placed outside: outside Gausta ski rental, at Vatnedalen, at the start of Fyrieggheisen and at Hovdestaul. (Please follow the instructions found at the location.)

Everyone who buys a ski pass must follow strict infection-reduction and -tracking guidelines that have been put in place. If you have cold symptoms, or have been placed in quarantine, you cannot be in the ski resort. Anyone found breaking these rules may be removed from the resort.

Season pass

This year, the terms for season passes are extra generous. Among other things, you can get a 15% early bird discount, a further 5% discount for people who bought a season pass last year and were early with their purchase of this year’s pass, and – last but not least – particularly generous family discounts. Alongside this, the same terms apply for season passes as normal ski passes – see above for details.


We have implemented a number of measures to minimize queueing in the ski resort, including extended opening hours and evening skiing on more slopes than in previous seasons. We have also introduced new measures to minimize contact with surfaces, as well as spreading out visitors (both physically, and in terms of timings) so that we can make best use of the resort’s capacity for visitors. But: we also need your help!

  • Pay attention to the information on the signs in the resort, as well as instructions from staff in the resort
  • Stay a ski pole’s distance away from other people – in front of you, behind you, all around you
  • Only take the lifts with your household
  • Do you need a hand getting on the lift? Hold up your hand or tell the attendant.
  • Try to use sections of the lift system/ski resort where there are fewer people. (See the Gausta app for more information about this)

Weekdays Monday – Thursday

Due to Covid-19, the number of visitors is significantly lower in weekdays (Monday – Thursday). Adjustments must be made, and as a result of this, we will run the following lifts from Monday to Thursday: B. Skipsheisen A. Lilleputt L. Barneheisen J. Fyrieggheisen (As soon as the park is ready, the M. Parkheisen will also go).

Discount on ski pass on weekdays

You get 25% discount on day passes Monday – Thursday (already deducted when buying online and in ski pass automat). Week 8, 9 and the Easter we will, as usual, keep the entire facility open (subject to weather conditions). If the number of visitors turn out to be higher than expected (which we of course hope for), we are ready to open more of the facility as soon as possible.

Ski rental

You will still be able to rent ski equipment at Gausta this winter. Pre-order your skis and other equipment online via or the Gausta app: this helps us be more efficient with ski hire and reduces the risk of overcrowding.

We have introduced a series of restrictions in the Gausta ski rental, next to Gaustablikk:

  • There is now a digital queueing system. Take a number outside the entrance and wait your turn. When your turn comes around, you can go inside and sanitize your hands: you will then be directed to the right seat. Please then remain seated until a member of staff arrives with your gear.
  • The queue ticket system applies for rentals, the ski school and refunds.
  • Lift ticket machines can be found outside Gausta ski rental.
  • New disinfection and cleaning routines have been implemented for ski equipment, locations and surfaces.

Ski school

The Gausta ski and snowboard school has been given a real boost this year, with new instructors and extra investment. We have, however, introduced additional restrictions, such as reductions in group sizes and minimized contact between participants during both activities and lessons. We have also implemented new rules relating to ski equipment and helmets.

To reduce the risk of infection this winter, we are asking for a little help from you and your children:

  • Children who feel ill should stay at home, even if they just have light cold symptoms.
  • The one metre distance rule applies even in the ski school
  • Only one adult should accompany children to the assembly point: see the map for locations
  • All lessons take place outside, so remember to dress for the weather
  • Please arrive in plenty of time so that we can organize the group effectively

Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell

Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell will open this winter, but there will be a number of new routines for guests that need to be followed. The following restrictions apply to guests at the Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, Gaustablikk apartments, Gaustablikk fjellhytter and Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter.

Checking in and out

Checking in and out will continue to take place in the reception at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. The reception has implemented a number of new restrictions relating to the number of people in each location to reduce the risk of overcrowding.


We have implemented new routines relating to the cleaning of accommodation. Room cleaning is now carried out only on a request basis – please contact reception to book a time. Need new towels? Ask reception.

When you book a cottage or apartment, you should not bring your own bedclothes. Packs of bed linen and towels can be picked up in the reception at arrival/check-in.

Pool area/wellness area

  • To avoid overcrowding in the Gaustablikk pool & wellness area – including changing rooms – we are now only allowing guests from Gaustablikk and Kvitåvatn Fjellhytter into the facilities this winter.
  • We have implemented restrictions on how many guests are allowed in the pool area, the bubble pool and the sauna at any one time. Every guest must therefore book times for these facilities in reception.
  • The changing rooms are reserved for our apartment and cottage guests. People staying at the hotel will be given bathrobes when bookings are made at reception, and will be requested to shower in their hotel rooms before and after their time in the pool.

Floating sauna

Guests are still able to book a time slot in the floating sauna. We have implemented restrictions relating to how many people can be in each unit at any one time. For more information, and to book, please contact the reception at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell.

Massage and treatments

Guests can still also book massages and facial treatments. For the safety of both guests and employees, our therapists will wear masks for the duration of each massage or treatment.


Our course and conference department has introduced the following measures:

  • The number of participants can be changed free of charge, up until the arrival date
  • An event can be moved free of charge, up to one week before arrival
  • Extra cleaning of surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and in all meeting and conference rooms
  • Tables and chairs are always placed so that participants can stay at least 1 metre away from one another
  • The person who books the event must share an overview of all participants with names and contact information. (The information is stored only for contact tracing purposes and for a maximum of 10 days.)

Food & drinks

Restaurants and bars at Gausta will be open this winter, some changes have been made to the ways in which they operate. The following restrictions apply to the serving of food and drink at restaurants and bars inGaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, Gausta Food Court, The Loft and Gausta Foodtruck.

Restaurants, bars and

  • We follow national guidelines for the serving of food and drink, which includes (among other things) a distance of at least one metre between households. This also applies to groups – if they do not all live in the same household they need to maintain a one-metre distance. Table service is provided.
  • We also follow the rules when it comes to contact tracing – which means that guests must register with their name and telephone number when ordering food and drink. These details are only used/saved for contact tracing purposes and deleted after a maximum of ten days.
  • There can be some restrictions around breakfast times at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. Guests are informed that they may have to wait for a table, or might be asked to choose less-busy times to come to breakfast. (For example: at weekends, it can be beneficial to come to breakfast earlier.)
  • At Gausta Foodcourt and in the bar at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, food and drink orders should be placed online, via your smartphone. (Follow instructions/signage in the locations.)
  • We have limited the total number of seats/tables available for food service.
  • There will be no après-ski in The Loft this winter. Live music, table service for drinks, and pizza will be available in Gausta Food Court on selected days, according to FHI recommendations.
  • The grocery store Pose & Sekk will remain open during this winter season. There is a limited number of customers who can stay in the shop at the same time. Please note that a maximum of one person from each household enters the store (especially when there are many guests at the destination).