Conference at the foot of Gaustatoppen

Invest in high-altitude training or re-vitalise your organization. Just 180 kilometres west of Oslo await experiences and adventures that form perfect metaphor for your conference, event or kick-off.

At Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell you can book modern and well-equipped conference rooms for up to 300 people. Fast wifi, great equipment and, of course,  coffee, tea and fruit are always included. Several of the rooms also offer stunning views of Gaustatoppen.


Aim higher. Think bigger. More mountain.

In addition to modern and practical conference rooms, Gausta offers something that many other conference facilities lack: a magical natural experience right outside the door.

Why not aim higher and travel up to Gaustatoppen 1883 m above sea level with the underground train Gaustabanen? Together you can see 1/6 of Norway’s surface, Hardangervidda’s wilderness and the magical Norwegian mountain region. Share ideas and conversations while skiing a variety of well-prepared trails and high-mountain tours.

Those who prefer to stay in the pool and enjoy the indoor view will also be happy. Gaustablikk Hoyfjellshotell offers a perfect relaxation area with views of Gaustatoppen. And soon our plans for the next phase of Gausta’s development will begin, making it even more magical.

A great selection of activities

we can also help you to put together a program of excursions and team building activities. How about challenging colleagues in archery, going on a guided historical tour “in the footsteps of the saboteurs” or kick off with an adrenaline-pumping bungy jump? The only limit is your imagination!

Book your next conference today

Bring your team for an unforgettable stay at Gausta and reach new heights together. Start by getting in touch and letting us know what your requirements are. Then, we’ll help you to put together a proposal of activities, food and accommodation that perfectly suits you and your organization.

Are you planning a big event?

At Gausta there are also opportunities to host major events and conferences for up to 1500 people. Contact us and we will assist you with booking and planning.


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