Big plans afoot for the
Gaustabanen railway

The unique Gaustabanen mountain railway takes you to the summit in a few minutes. Plans are now afoot to provide exciting experiences all year round.

The Gaustabanen railway opened for commercial operations in 2010. In 2018, it transported 75,000 visitors up to or down from the summit.

– For many visitors to the summit, the railway is an experience they don’t want to miss. That’s why many people hike up and then take the railway down, explains Halvor Haukaas, CEO of Gaustabanen A/S.


Halvor Haukaas, CEO of Gaustabanen A/S.

Experiences all year round

There are now big plans afoot for remodelling the railway. It’s hoped that within a few years there will be a new access road and car park, as well as a new welcome centre at the valley station and a restaurant at the summit with the best views Norway has to offer.

–Passenger numbers are currently at their highest in July and August, as well as during the ski season. That’s why we’re developing several different concepts in order to offer great experiences at other times of year as well, says Halvor.

Partners up with Gaustatoppen Turisthytte

The railway is already partnered with Gaustatoppen Turisthytte to offer sunrise breakfasts and sunset dinners. There’s also something called Top Secret Dining on offer inside the mountain.

– Top Secret Dining transports you back to the 1960s and the cold war. You become part of a performance with actors, which is followed by a three-course dinner,” says Halvor.

A restaurant with glass walls

A new restaurant with glass walls at the summit station will give visitors the chance to experience the summit in all kinds of weather.

– Here you’ll be able to sit in comfort and safety even if there’s a storm outside, concludes Halvor.