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Après-ski and entertainment
in Gausta

Gausta is best known for it’s beautiful scenery and mountains, but of course there is room for après-ski and a cold beer even in Gausta. During the weeks seven to nine – also known under the name “the sport holiday” – Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, Sport’n Skikafé, Bygget and Den Lykkelige Sportsmann invites you to live music, entertainment and activities for the whole family.

For those of you visiting Gausta Skisenter there are several restaurants which offers après-ski and the best thing is that it’s in direct connection to the ski area. So if you’re here during the weeks 7–8 you have a lot of entertainment to choose from.

Sport’n Skikafe

Live music for the whole family, just next to the ski slope at Gaustablikk.

The all new and fresh foodcourt at Sport’n Skikafe offers après-ski with a relaxed atmosphere, right next to the slope. On friday and Saturday 13-17 you will find The rollers on stage bringing you live music and entertainment. This place is for everyone, so bring your friends or family and enjoy the music. From this year you will also find the restaurants Wookablikk and Pizza here, which makes it easy  for everyone to find something tasty. (Psst – the serrano pizza and noodles with teriyaki chicken are two favorites you just don’t want to miss!)

Bygget Bistro

Reopening of the popular Bygget bistro 2018/2019 – now with a new menu and entertainment.

Bygget Bistro at the bottom of Parkheisen has finally opened up again – now with a new kitchen and a whole new menu. With a perfect location in the middle of Gaustablikk Hoyfjellshotell and Gaustabanen, this is the natural meeting place for everyone in the Gausta area. Do not miss Fridays and Saturdays when they offer entertainment which often includes Live Music.

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at. 16.00–18.00 week 7 Peter Simson will come here to spread a lovely après ski atmosphere with live music. He will also be on site on Wednesday, week 8 at the same time.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday at. 16.00–18.00 week 8 there will be entertainment and live music with Schlagerkameratene at Bygget.

Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell

Troubadour, evening entertainment and activities at Høyfjellshotell

If you’re on of those who likes a more relaxed activite after a day in the slopes we want to recommend Gaustablikk Hoyfjellshotell. Here you can order something good to drink and relax while enjoying the crackling sound from the fireplace. When the weather is nice, a visit to the terrace is a must – from here you have the unbeatable view of the Gaustatoppen and the beautiful surroundings around Kvitåvatnet.

During week 8, Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell gets a very special visit. The “party troubadour” and “The Singing DJ” Max Martin arranges après-ski  with both live music and entertainment. And if that wasn’t enough the troubadour and entertainer Peter Ericson will spread good atmosphere in the hotel. This is something you don’t want to miss!

If you are craving something else than après-ski , Gaustablikk offers (except the delicious food and drinks) everything from a spa with a floating sauna with ice bath to table tennis and shuffleboard. The easiest way to book any of this is in the reception of the hotel.

Den Lykkelige Sportsmann

Classic après-ski  in a cosy pub atmosphere.

Looking for a classic après-ski  with traditional pub food and a cheerful atmosphere? Then you should head straight over to the restaurant and pub Den Lykkelige Sportsmann between Gaustablikk and Vatnadalen. With seats both inside and outside this pub offers an energetic place for a few drinks while the live band enters the stage during high season. So if you’re up for a buzzing après-ski and can’t help to move while the band i playing, this is the place for you.

During the holiday weeks, the restaurant is open from 15–24 February at 12:00–02:00 Friday and Saturday, and 12:00–22:00 Sunday to Thursday. Sunday, February 24 at 12:00–17:00.

Activities for the whole family

And we promised activities for the whole family, so for those of you looking for something other than après-ski , we got you covered. For the children, we have a full schedule with everything from competitions and barbecuing to skiing with the Gaustakongen itself. And as usual, Gaustablikk offers games and activities for the whole family. Ice skating on the ice rink outside Gausta Showroom, shuffleboard and floating sauna with ice bath in Kvitåvatn are just some of the season’s must do. See the entire sports program here.



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