An active vacation at Gausta

Time to relax or time to exercise. Or is it perhaps exercise that makes relaxing possible? At Gausta you don’t need to choose either or. Here you will find every opportunity to get a tough work-out while your family enjoy the views, or doze off in the jacuzzi.

Swim in Lake Kvitåvatn

With its many small coves, Lake Kvitåvatn offers many more experiences than just its beautiful mirror image of Gaustatoppen. Walk along meandering trails, paddle in a canoe, row a boat or go fishing. Or swim! It all begins at Gaustblikk Høyfjellshotell.



Ride your bike up the mountain

The climb up to Alpes d’Huez is one of the highlights in the bicycle competition Tour de France. For road racing cyclists Gausta offers a similar challenge. From Dale, at the bottom of the Rjukan Valley, up to Stavsroe where the Gatustatoppen trail starts, you cover 12.4 tough kilometers and climb 973 meters.


Find your own trail

In the varied Gausta terrain you will find trails and paths to fit any kind of runner.  Choose a soft run along Kvitåvatn for a beautiful view of Gaustatoppen, or get some real trail action up and down the mountain sides of Skipsfjell. The short trail is only 4-5 km, but the terrain might make it feel like it’s double as long!  


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