Say hello to Huski & Flaks!

Huski is Gaustas own mascot and all children’s best friend on the mountain. There simply isn’t anything better than getting hugs from children, Huski says. Together with her good friend the snow owl Flaks you can count on Huski to come up with many fun activities.

Huski’s doghouse in the child area is always open for visitors and every so often you can meet Huski on the slopes or at the children after-ski at Gausta Food Court. When skiing, don’t miss Huski’s fun and shortcuts through the forest at the slope Telemarkssvingen. A joyful bumpy ride is to be expected.!

It’s easy to keep track of the fun Huski-activities at Gausta. Just check the activity calendar or the Gausta app to see everything fun that’s happening.

The story of Huski & Flaks

How did a Siberian Husky from Alaska end up in Telemark in Norway. Read the fairytale about Huski & Flaks and the dramatic voyage on an ice floe over the Atlantic.

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Test yourself: Do you have most in common with Huski or Flaks?

Write down the letter of your answers and see who you most resemble

What do you love to do in the morning?
I eat a sturdy breakfast to have all the energy I need for a fun day on the mountain.
Zzzz. What? Getting up in the morning. Forget about it.

What do you prefer on the slope?
Bumpy, jumpy fun tracks in the forest of course.
The slope? I prefer a warm cabin.

What does your day on the mountain look like?
A. I ski til the lifts close, then I go skating on the ice or play with the other kids.
B. Day? Well, I might go out for some air before it gets dark.

What’s your favourite food?
I like everything. But most of all spaghetti bolognese. And vegetables of course.
Well, nothing beats drinking hot chocolate.

What do you do in the evenings?
A.I fall asleep exhausted after a day full of activities.
B. I read my books late into the night.

= = = =
Most A:s: Woof, you seem to be a little Huski too.
Most B:s: Do you by any chance have a beak and wings? Don’t stay up owling too late or you’ll miss the view.
Both A:s+B:s: How great, you have a little bit of both. A flying dog, who would ever like to be anything else.



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