Climbing in the Gausta area

Do you want to enjoy nature and be challenged by new heights? There are excellent opportunities for climbing all year round at Gausta and Rjukan. Bring the whole family for climbing at Rjukan Klatrepark, try the top-rope climbing, book a themed course, or discover world-class ice climbing – there’s something for everyone here!

Climbing is a relatively simple sport to try and enjoy, but more difficult to master. Norway is well-known for its fantastic trails, and at Gausta and Rjukan there are climbing routes for beginners and seasoned climbers alike. Choose between a climbing park, top-rope climbing, bouldering, or ice climbing – all with magnificent views of Rjukan’s dramatic landscape.

Rjukan Klatrepark 

At Rjukan Klatrepark you can challenge family and friends on several high-altitude courses. The climbing park is located by Gvepseborg, Krossobanen’s upper station. Here you can enjoy climbing against the backdrop of what might be Norway’s most beautiful view of Vestfjord valley and Gaustatoppen.

Interested in taking the whole family climbing? Rjukan Klatrepark also has an area for children aged between three and six.

Top-rope climbing

Fancy trying your hand at top-rope climbing? There are several places to try top-rope climbing in Rjukan’s valley. Våerfeltet near Vemork is popular for this. However, we recommend carefully checking the rock for loose stones. Please contact Rjukan Fjellsportgruppe mountain sport group for further information on safe places for top-rope climbing.


World-class ice climbing

During the winter the sun disappears from Rjukan’s valley, creating the ideal conditions for ice climbing. Every year, ice climbers come from all over the world to climb the frozen waterfalls around Gausta. With more than 150 ice-climbing routes with all levels of difficulty, beginners and more experienced climbers alike can enjoy ice climbing at Gausta.


Climbing trips in Telemark

Keen to do some more climbing? Book a place on one of Telemark Opplevelser’s climbing trips! There are different levels of difficulty and the trips are led by certified mountain guides. The climbing trips are suitable for beginners and experienced climbers alike.


Useful information


A ‘brattkort’ or ‘ledkort’ is a climbing certificate in Norway. The certificate means you can climb on your own in climbing centres across the whole of Norway. You don’t need a certificate to climb outdoors on your own, but then you’re fully responsible for your own safety.

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Safety while climbing

It’s essential to use the right equipment and be well-prepared for the challenges you might face when climbing. If you climb outdoors, it’s important to do so with people that you feel safe with. We also recommend that you climb with a qualified instructor. If you want to learn more about climbing, there are plenty of training courses across Norway.




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