Bathing at Gausta

Bathing can be both enjoyable and refreshing. At Gausta you can choose from everything from a warm pool to an invigorating stream. There are many bathing places and sandy beaches in the area around Gausta that are worth a visit.

Bathing is a nice way to round off an active day. What will you choose? The cooling lake waters, throwing yourself in the snow after a sauna, or relaxing with a jacuzzi, steam bath, and pool at Gaustablikk?

800 lakes around Gausta

The area around Gausta is home to over 800 lakes to cool down in after a hot summer’s day. The beaches around Lake Tinnsjön, one of the biggest lakes in Norway, are popular with bathers, as is the little beach behind Gaustablikk, where you can take a refreshing dip in the cool mountain water – or hire a canoe and paddle out onto the lake.

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Rjukan’s own swim center, Rjukanbadet, is more than just a swimming pool. It’s a place for well-being and relaxation. It boasts pools and play areas for children, training pools, a steam sauna, and water slides. Rjukanbadet also has an outdoor pool heated to 33°C so that you can bathe outdoors all year round.

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Ice-bath and floating sauna

Are you in need of a break after a long day out in the countryside? Get down to Lake Kvitåvatn and savour the temperature differences between the cool lake and the floating saunas. Here you can have a sauna and swim accompanied by a splendid view of Gaustatoppen. In the winter the ice is cut so that everyone can enjoy the contrast between the burning heat and icy cold.


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Wellnessavdelning at Gaustablikk

At Gaustablikk you’ll discover a newly renovated pool area for all the family. It has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and steam sauna – all accompanied by a view of Gaustatoppen and Lake Kvitåvatn’s beautiful surroundings.


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