Activities all year round

The mountain scenery of Telemark is a spectacular experience no matter what time of year you arrive. Just like the sea the open wilderness shifts with the light and weather conditions allowing us to experience them in a new way.  Change is constant. Here at Gausta you will find the peace and freedom to relax and inhale the fresh mountain air. But also adventure and activities for all the energy your body might holds.

Such as walks and hikes during the summer and all the snow sports of winter. But don’t forget the tranquility, warmth and the dripping music when the thaw of May sets in, nor the barren beauty of the mountains in autumn while the terrain at lower altitudes shift to glowing colours.

And should an October day offer demanding weather outside, who cares? To come back in with rosy cheeks, feel the warmth of a crackling fire while the dusk tucks the mountain in, that if anything, is what in Norway is known as “hygge”.