Cross-country skiing at Gausta

With a commanding position at 900-1000 meters altitude, Gausta is one of Norway’s most snow-proof winter destinations – and also creates perfect conditions for cross-country skiing. Choose from high-quality, well-prepared tracks or do as the Norwegians themselves and go for a tour on the vast mountain.

85 kilometers of cross country trails

Good skis and a tight grip on your ski poles is all your need to start out. Getting yourself out onto the the cross-country trail is great for both body and soul. In the area around Lake Kvitåvatn you will find softly undulating tracks in calm and protected woodland – of which 6 km are lit in the evening. 

In total, the Gausta area offers 85 km of high-quality, well-prepared ski trails. There are 2 km tracks for beginners and even a heavy-going high mountain trip that is 23 km around Heddersfjell, for the more experienced skier.

Prepared tracks for all visitors

During the winter season the tracks are prepared every day to make sure that you can always enjoy the best conditions during your skiing practise. The tracks are open for all visitors to Gausta and Gausta skisenter and can be used free of charge.

Track map

Se the cross-country tracks that are open on our track map. Click on the track to get to know the track length and latest updates. 

Go on a peak ride and track on your own

If you want to experience the silence on the white slopes on the mountain or go on a trip to the peak, you are always free to find your own way. On you can find more information and inspiration to peak tours in the Gausta area.

Please remember

Up on the mountain weather can shift very fast. Make sure to check the lift updates and weather forecast on or Dress for cold conditions and remember the chilling effect of strong winds.

Cross-country skiing equipment rental

At Gausta skisenter you can rent equipment for both cross-country skiing and touring. Our experienced staff are happy to help you with gear choices as well as recommendations for tracks and tours.


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