Three lakes to experience around Gausta

With 800 different lakes around Gausta there are magic moments to be captured anywhere – whether you prefer to be in or on the water, or if you’d rather fish or walk next to it. Here are three of the most popular lakes around Gausta. 

Norway is famous for its beautiful nature, tall mountains, and fresh air. Another reason to visit Norway, and Gausta in particular, is the many lakes that offer world-class bathing and fishing. There are some 800 lakes around Gausta in the municipality of Tinn – some in the secluded wilderness and others next to cosy cafés and fine jetties.

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Lake Kvitåvatn

Lake Kvitåvatn is located right next to Gaustablikk and is surrounded by mountains. It’s a favourite for many with its panoramic views of Gaustatoppen. There are various ways to enjoy the tranquillity of nature here. 


Discover Lake Kvitåvatn by boat

One popular way of exploring Lake Kvitåvatn is by boat. You can hire a canoe, kayak, or rowing boat at Gaustablikk.

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Fishing in Lake Kvitåvatn

You can test your luck at fishing all year round at Lake Kvitåvatn – but don’t forget to buy a fishing permit before you go out. Permits can be purchased from several places in the Gausta area, and they give you permission to fish in four lakes. 

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Floating sauna on Lake Kvitåvatn

Since 2018 there are two floating sauna rafts on Lake Kvitåvatn. Enjoy a warm sauna with views of Gaustatoppen and then slide into the lake to cool off. 

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Lake Tinnsjön

Tinnsjön is one of the biggest lakes in Norway and is situated just 30 minutes from Gausta by car. The lake is surrounded by steep mountains and is a breath-taking sight for all visitors. But of course the lake has more to offer than beautiful views. 


Hire a boat at Sandviken Camping

Sandviken, at the far north of the lake, offers fine bathing and opportunities to hire a rowing boat, canoe, or SUP from Sandviken Camping.


Fishing in Lake Tinnsjön

Lake Tinnsjön offers excellent opportunities to fish for trout and Arctic char. The lake is divided into 77 fishing areas with different fishing permits. The easiest way to purchase a permit is from

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A rich history

Lake Tinnsjön boasts a rich history, and up until 1991 it was used by the railway ferries DF Ammonia and MF Storegut as a link between Mæl in the northwest and Tinnoset in the south. This is also where DF Hydro was sunk on 20 February 1944 – which became the last act in the fight for heavy water.

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Lake Heddersvatn

Beautiful Lake Heddersvatn, at an altitude of 1,150 metres by Stavsro, is surrounded by raw wilderness. Its location right next to Gaustatoppen makes the area ideal for hiking – with a diverse environment and the opportunity to take a cooling dip.


Fishing in Lake Heddersvatn

Fishing is permitted in the northern part of the lake with a permit. The same permit applies here as for Lake Kvitåvatn

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