Experience the summer at Gausta

Come to Gausta for trekking, walks or expedititions. Climb the peak of Gaustatoppen – the comfortable path from Stavsroe, or steeper and more adventurous climbs from other directions. Come for exciting biking routes that can take you all the way into Hardangervidda, or experience the peaceful calm in a canoe on Lake Kivtåvatn.

At Gausta every season is a new and rich experience. Summer is no exception. Whern the lifts stop buzzing and the melt water heads down the slopes it gives room for a new experience. The drama of the scenery is pronounced with the large rocks covered with map lichen glowing green. While heather and mountain plants free from snow see their chance to blossom. Even if Gaustatoppen in is present state is impressive, the heaps of rocks tells us it has been even higher, and that the wear and erosion of time is constant.

As autumn comes with its vibrant colours, it is tempting to kneel on the nice walking routes around Skipsfjell and Ørnenipa. You will find berries growing everywhere.