Selstali Seter

Selstali Seter is an idyllic farm located at the foot of Gaustatoppen. Here you’ll find a unique setting with livestock farming, our own dairy products, and overnight accommodation – well worth a visit.

Running a dairy farm on mountain pastures is a Norwegian tradition that goes back a thousand years. At Selstali Seter these traditions have been preserved. Today the farm offers experiences the whole family can enjoy. Selstali Seter is located in Gausdalen, at the foot of the western side of Gaustatoppen. It offers magnificent views up towards Gaustatoppen.

Visit the animals

Visiting the animals at Selstali Seter is usually very popular with children. In fact they’re welcome to take part in both milking and feeding the animals. Selstali Seter is home to cows, sheep, rabbits, pigs, and hens. You may even encounter the cows on your way here as they graze freely on the flavoursome heather, herbs, and mountain grass surrounding Selstali Seter.

Taste dairy products made here at the farm

The milk from the farm’s 10 or so cows forms the basis for the dairy products we make. At Selstali Seter we make butter, cheese, sour cream, and the Norwegian classic ‘prim’, a spreadable brown cheese. Here you can watch these products being made in the traditional way, have a taste, and buy some to take home.

In their café you can order traditional Norwegian fare – or why not enjoy pancakes with a coffee?

Stay overnight

Selstali Seter also has overnight accommodation. We have two cottages that are available to hire, each housing up to five people. You’ll need to bring your own sheets, duvets, and pillow cases, but otherwise the cottages are fully equipped.


Read more: Practical information about the cottages and how to book.

opening hours

There are no set opening hours at Selstali Seter. Instead, we’re open as long as there’s light, or ‘light in the glass’ as the Norwegian farmer used to say.

Due to the climate, the season at Selstali Seter is restricted to around 10-12 weeks a year. The farm usually opens in mid-June and closes in mid-September.

find your way to Selstali Seter

Selstali Seter is around 18 km from the centre of Rjukan. There are signs for Selstali Seter at Krokan Turisthytte, from which it is a 9-km drive along a gravel road. Before you get to the farm, you will reach a toll road where you have to pay SEK 40 (in coins) to go through the barrier. The fee can be paid by card at Selstali Seter.

Get here

 +47 90 75 11 16 (note, we are unable to respond to e-mails during the summer season)



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