Rjukan Klatrepark

Rjukan Klatrepark is no ordinary climbing park. With its unique location at the top of the Krossobanen cable-car route, the park offers historical themed courses based on the route taken by the Norwegian saboteurs during the Second World War – and arguably Norway’s most beautiful view of Vestfjord valley and Gaustatoppen.

The views are fantastic even before the climbing begins. After all, Rjukan Klatrepark is located next to the upper Krossobanen cable-car station, Gvepseborg, on the border with Hardangervidda. Krossobanen is the cable car running from Vestfjord valley up to the plateau, 883 metres above sea level.



Rjukan Klatrepark also has a unique place at the heart of Rjukan’s well-known war history. It is in the same area that the Norwegian saboteurs fled after bombing the heavy-water plant at Vemork during the Second World War, before continuing on to Hardangervidda. 

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Climbing challenges for all levels

At Rjukan Klatrepark you can challenge family and friends on climbing courses of varying degrees of difficulty. There are climbing challenges here for all levels, from child-friendly beginner courses to tougher themed courses. Most of the courses take you several metres above the ground, high up among the tree tops. The park also has its own children’s area for children aged between three and six.

The degree of difficulty of the courses is marked with different colours and follows a similar colour system to those used in alpine downhill skiing and other types of climbing. Start off with an exercise course and then proceed to a green beginner’s course. If you complete that, it’s time for the slightly more difficult blue course, and then the grand finale is the red ‘saboteur course’. 

Climb in the footsteps of the saboteurs

The toughest red climbing course at Rjukan Klatrepark takes you on a historical journey through the legendary heavy-water war. Here you go down the mountain ravine, over the river, and into the factory to blow up the heavy-water plant in a spectacular obstacle course . If you manage that, the next challenge is to travel all the way back by zipline. All of this up among the treetops.



Clothing, equipment, and practical information

Remember to wear comfortable sportswear and shoes. We recommend that you book climbing equipment ahead of your visit so that it is guaranteed to be there when you arrive. Expect to spend 2-4 hours in the climbing park. Perhaps even longer if you really want to take in the views and the historical surroundings! 

Before you can climb at Rjukan Klatrepark, you must fill in a form saying that you have read and understood the safety rules. The easiest way of doing this is before you come here. Once you have completed and sent off the form, it will be valid for the whole season. With group parties, one person in charge can complete the form for the whole group.


Rjukan Klatrepark is open from May to October:
1 May – 21 June
Sat – Sun: 10.00 – 18.00
22 June – 18 August
Daily: 10.00 – 18.00
19 August – 31 October
Sat – Sun: 10.00 – 18.00
Children under 115 cm:
170 NOK per person
Children 115-140 cm
270 NOK per person
Adults and children over 140 cm:
320 NOK per person
+47 950 49 730

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