Take Krossobanen from Rjukan to the entrance to Hardangervidda

Just a four minute ride with the gondola and you’ll find yourself almost 1000 m above sea level with a spectacular view of Gausta. Krossobanen is the fast and easy way to go from Rjukan up to the entrance to Hardangervidda national park.

Krossobanen was the first gondola lift in Northern Europe. Built in 1928 as a gift from Norsk Hydro to the inhabitants of Rjukan – to offer them a chance to get some sun during the winter months. In the winter, the sun rays don’t reach down into the valley of Rjukan.

Up to 886 meters above sea level in a few minutes

The Krossobanen valley station, Krosso, is 1 km west of Rjukan city centre, 403 m above sea level. Here you find the old machine room, possible to visit if you’re interested. From Krosso passengers are taken up to the top station Gvepseborg 886 m above sea level. The ride only takes 4,5 minutes and offers beautiful views overlooking Vestfjorddalen and Rjukan. Krossobanen is operated daily, with just a few exceptions.  

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A mountain view to dream about.

The view going up is fascinating, yet even better is the viewpoint at the top of the Vepseborg top station. Here you’ll see  Vestfjorddalen, Vemork, Gaustatoppen, Gausta och Gausdalen. Krossobanen is also the fastest way to get up to Hardangervida. Once up at Gvepseborg you are only a 20-25 minute walk along Solstien before you reach the Hardangervidda mountain plateau at 1100 m above sea level.

Food, drinks and activities at the top

Just 100 m from the top station you find Kafé Krossobanen (previously Gvepseborg Panoramacafé), serving food in beautiful surroundings. Here you also find Rjukan Klatrapark for adventurous climbing and other arranged activities. At Gvepseborgs station you will find Ryesvei, a path zig-zagging down the mountain all the way down to Krosso. Popular among mountain-bike riders in the summer time and among sledge-riders in the winter.

If you enjoy bike riding there is a trail leading onto Hardangervidda all the way to Kalhovd Turisthytte (Tourist Cabin). The 30 km trail is well directed with signs and suitable for riders of all ages. In the wintertime there are marked ski tracks from Gvepseborg leading to DNT’s trails on Hardangervidda.