Kalhovd Turisthytte from Gvepseborg

Discover the best of Hardangervidda with a hike to Kalhovd Turisthytte. This hiking trail is suitable for both people who want to do a two-day hike and those who want to discover more of Hardangervidda after staying overnight at Kalhovd. The hike is 38.2 km and takes around 7.5 hours (one way). It starts with a spectacular ride with Krossobanen, the cable car that transports you up to Hardangervidda from Rjukan. 

The route in brief
about 76,4 km there and back (38,2 km one way)
about 2 days (7.5 hours one way)
Vertical rise:
ca 295 m (approx. 887-1,182 metres above sea level)

Getting here

This trail starts with a spectacular ride with Krossobanen, the cable car that transports you from the valley of Rjukan and up to the foot of Hardangervidda in less than 5 minutes. This fairly tough hike then takes you from Gvepseborg, Krossobanen’s top upper station, to Kalhovd Turisthytte in varied terrain. 



The first 2 km from Gvepseborg is a steep climb. Then the terrain is hilly with a few longer slopes. After about 14 km you will you’ll reach the highest point of the trail, 1,182 meters metres above sea level. Now there’s one ascent left before the most challenging sections are over. The rest of the hike is on nice varied terrain with small ascents up to Kalhovd.


Useful information

The hike from Gvepseborg to Kalhovd Turisthytte is demanding and we recommend completing it over two days. Why not spend a night in the idyllic Kalhovd Turisthytte and hike back the next day? As the route is about 38.2 km and takes around 7.5 hours, we recommend bringing substantial provisions, including both food and drink. The best time to do this hike is between June and September.



Dress appropriately and follow the Norwegian mountain safety code, a set of rules and advice that you should always have with you when you go out on the mountains. For example, make sure that you always plan your hike carefully and be prepared for bad weather and the cold, even on short hikes.


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