Hike to Ørnenipa from Vatnedalen

The hike from Vatnedalen to Ørnenipa follows a relatively simple hiking trail on varying terrain. The hike begins at the end of Kvitåvatnvegen road in Vatnedalen and takes around 3 hours there and back. The summit of Ørnenipa is 1,333 metres high and offers superb views of Gaustatoppen, Tuddal, and Lake Tinnsjön.

The route in brief
Vatnedalen, at the end of Kvitåvatnvegen road
4.6 km both ways
approx. 3 h both ways 
Vertical rise:
359 m (approx. 956-1,315 metres above sea level)
For children used to hiking  

Getting here

The mountain-top hike starts in Vatnedalen in eastern Gausta and is easy to get to from Gaustablikk. Follow Kvitåvatnvegen road east and park before the barrier at the end of the road. Continue by foot after the barrier, turn left into Vatnedalsvegen road, and follow the road to the top. Where the road ends, follow the hiking trail signposted red to the summit of Ørnenipa.

Or you could start the hike at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell and walk to the barrier at the end of Kvitåvatnvegen road. Allow extra time if you do this.

A magnificent view of Gaustatoppen, Rjukan and Vestfjord valley, Austbygde, Blefjell, and Lake Tinnsjön awaits at the summit – and if you look carefully you can even see Mount Jonsknuten in Kongsberg!


Useful information

The best time to do the mountain-top hike from Vatnedalen to Ørnenipa is from the beginning of June to mid-October.

The hike has a nice and even incline until the last 150 metres, when it gets steeper. The trail may also have some rocks, so it is best for people with some experience of hiking. The mountain-top hike is also suitable for families with slightly older children who are used to hiking.



The hike to Ørnenipa may include some rocky sections, so remember to wear sturdy hiking shoes, preferably hiking boots, with good ankle support.

Make sure that you remember to follow the Norwegian mountain safety code before setting off. For example, make sure that you plan your hike in advance, check the weather reports, make sure that someone knows where you’re going, use a map and compass, and be prepared for bad weather and the cold, even on short hikes.



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