Hike to Lille Gaustakne

On the mountain crest south of Gaustatoppen you’ll find Lille Gaustakne. A hike here takes around 2 hours (there and back) and is suitable for most people. From the summit, 1,443 metres above sea level, you can enjoy amazing views of Gaustatoppen and the surroundings.

The route in brief
The highest point between Rjukan and Tuddal 
3,2 km both ways
2 h both ways
Vertical rise:
184 m (approx. 1,249-1,409 metres above sea level)

About Lille Gaustakne

Store Gaustakne and Lille Gaustakne, literally ‘Big Gaustakne’ and ‘Little Gaustakne’, are two mountain peaks south of Gaustatoppen. They are ideal for hiking and easy to reach from the road that runs between Rjukan and Tuddal.


Getting here

Go to Flistjønnskaret, the highest point on the road between Rjukan and Tuddal (near Stavsro). Around 50 metres further down on the left side towards Tuddal you’ll find a trail going up to Lille Gaustakne.

Start the hike and turn right when the trail meets another trail. Continue right and follow the trail all the way to the top, 1,447 metres above the sea. From here there are fine views of the surroundings, with the stately Gaustatoppen standing proud in the background.


Useful information

The best time to hike to Lille Gaustakne is in the summer and early autumn, from the beginning of June until mid-October. The hike involves a certain vertical rise but is suitable for most people, including families with children.



The route is in a high-altitude mountain environment with some rocky parts, known as ‘talus’ or ‘talus cones’. Sturdy boots or hiking shoes with proper ankle support are recommended.

Make sure that you remember to follow the Norwegian mountain safety code when going out into the mountains. Also, remember that the weather in the area around Gaustatoppen can change quickly. Keep an eye on the weather reports, dress warmly, and always be prepared for bad weather and the cold, even on short hikes.


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