Rent mountain bikes at Gausta

Experience the mountain by bike. Mountain bikes can be rented during your visit to Gausta. Choose from various bicycles from Scott. Prices start at 245 NOK / day for children and 325 NOK / day for adults. You can find the bike rental at the service center near Gaustablikk..

Mountain bikes for the whole family

You can rent either Scott Aspect 750 for older children and adults, or Scott Scale for children between 120 and 145 cm.

Renting bikes in Rjukan

Intersport in Rjukan offers bike rental for tours on Hardangervidda. For more information:

Opening hours
Opens June 15 2020 


Helmet and gloves are included in the price.
From 325 NOK/day
Children under 18 year
Form 245 NOK/day