Tuddal Høifjeldshotel

Just 15 km south of Gausta, on the other side of the mountain, you’ll find Tuddal. In 1895 a sanatorium was founded here, and in 1911 it became Tuddal Høifjeldshotel. With its 21 rooms it’s a small and personal hotel yet that offers a big experience.

A unique hotel high up in the mountains

The soulful atmosphere and history can be felt by all of the guests staying at or visiting Tuddal Høifjeldshotel. Travellers coming for peace or adventure have been welcomed here for almost 125 years. Here you stay right on the mountain with the wild nature just outside. Every night the restaurant serves a four-course menu with carefully chosen wines.

Tables can be booked even if you’re not staying over. The kitchen focuses on locally produced goods and has its own brewery and stone oven bakery in the yard. You’ll also find Gildehallen here, a café where you can sit both indoors and outdoors, enjoying Norwegian food and listen to a concert. The café can also be booked for weddings and conferences.

Has its own brewery in the yard

When you visit Tuddal, make sure you taste the beers brewed at the hotel. After all, Fjellbryggeriet, which offers flavors from the Norwegian mountains, is right next to the hotel. Einar at Tuddal Høifjeldshotel began the process of moving the brewery from Åmotsdal in 2015 after the brewery’s founders, Margit and Aasmund Rindevalt, decided to move on to new pastures. So the brewery equipment was moved to the hotel, which is 828 meters above sea level. The equipment is excellent for creating unique beers. The brewery’s main product is an ale that you can enjoy on guided tours or beer tastings.

Food well worth a visit

At Tuddal Høifjeldshotel they know that food tastes best in a good atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a four-course menu with a wine package in a picturesque setting. At Tuddal Høifjeldshotel mealtimes are considered to be a time for meeting both old and new acquaintances.

There is a belief in local produce and in serving every dish with love. And the staff know what it takes to create a well-composed meal. Before Einar took over the reins from his parents at the hotel, he worked for several Michelin-starred restaurants. He is also a trained sommelier.

The bread’s always freshly baked at Tuddal Høifjeldshotel

At Tuddal Høifjeldshotel you can breathe in the mountain air and the aroma of freshly baked bread from the hotel’s own bakery. Every day the bakery supplies guests with freshly baked goods straight from the oven. If you happen to be passing on a Saturday, you can pop in and buy their famous buns and flatbread.

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