Preserving the magic of our mountain

Arriving at Gausta is a magnificent experience. The open space, the silence and the adventure promised by the silhouette of Gaustatoppen. While we want more people to share in this experience, we also understand that we must be careful to preserve it. Therefore, sustainability is a cornerstone in our vision of Gausta as a destination.

Renewable electricity drives destination Gausta

At the beginning of the twentieth century Sam Eyde understood that Rjukanfallet and Hardangervidda’s melting water was a huge natural resource. His work laid the foundation for Norsk Hydro and since then, renewable hydroelectric power has been of great importance to the area.

Electric buses should transport all skiers

As Gausta invests and expands, it is with the obvious ambition to strive for sustainability and efficient resource utilization. Therefore, we make sure that the electricity used for our facilities, lifts and lighting is renewable hydropower. And part of the vision is that electric buses will transport skiers from the valley to top.

Sustainability a guiding principle

We want more people to experience the silence, the unspoilt nature and the magnificence of Gausta. And it’s just the magic here that we feel a big responsibility to preserve. Therefore, sustainability is a guiding principle in everything we do. In the selection of materials, in the construction of new facilities and in operation of restaurants and cafes.

Help us make Gausta sustainable

Therefore, we also ask you as a visitor to take responsibility, so that we can make your stay at Gausta as circular as possible.

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