A new nature spa at Gaustablikk – interview with the architect Anders Koller Tufte 

The floating saunas on Lake Kvitåvatn are just appetizers. Plans are being drawn for a full-scale nature SPA at Gaustablikk. 

Gaustablikk’s new nature spa will be located directly adjacent to the sauna raft jetty, half underground, sunken into the rock.

– We have the vision of creating a spa completely surrounded by nature. This is why we’re allowing the buildings to become overgrown so that their structures appear like partially protruding cliffs,” explains the architect Anders Koller Tufte.


Anders Koller Tufte

In harmony with nature

The design and roof slopes will reflect those of the sauna rafts. There won’t be a large building dominating the shoreline. Instead, the sections of the building that protrude will accord with the smaller cottages along the water’s edge in terms of their size.

– The idea is that you should feel as though you’re entering the mountain – into meditative darkness, where you also get the chance to retreat into yourself,” explains Anders.

Directly by the floating saunas, Gaustablikk’s new nature-SPA is planned

A focus on wellness and fitness

The facility will offer well-being, wellness, and fitness activities within a calmer and more mysterious part of Kvitåvatn. In addition to various pools and saunas, there are plans for a glazed yoga studio surrounded by trees, overlooking the lake and mountain tops. Guests will also be able to swim and exercise both indoors and outdoors, of course.

– Whether you visit as the autumn fog sweeps in across the shoreline, or when the mountain is bathed in sunshine, melting the snow, you’ll have a unique spa experience in the middle of nature,” concludes Anders Koller Tufte.