5 x magical piste experiences at Gausta

Wide open views and the gentle slopes above the tree line – at Gausta you can experience downhill skiing at its best. Gausta Skisenter extends from Vatnedal via Gaustablikk to Hovdestaul and the slopes of Gaustatoppen. There’s everything here from varied black and red runs at Gaustablikk to rolling blue and green runs for wonderful carving turns at Hovdestaul. We’ve picked five magical piste experiences for beginners and advanced skiers alike. 


Magical view from Gaustablikkekspressen.

Telemarksvingen – long and rolling 

Piste number: 14

Enjoy a truly superb, long piste experience with Telemarksvingen. This piste is simple and ideal for beginners, but it’s a wonderful experience whatever your level of expertise. Here you can take the turns while enjoying magnificent views over Gaustatoppen. To get to Telemarksvingen, take either lift B (Skipsheisen) or lift G (Gaustablikkekspressen).


Magical corduroy.

Svart’n – a challenging black run

Piste number: 18

Looking for a real challenge? Svart’n is a long black run, the ultimate piste for anyone who likes speed. The piste is illuminated and often kept open for evening skiing during the winter season. With Svart’n, you ski down to the Gaustablikkekspressen chairlift, which can take you all the way back up to Skipsfjäll. 

Psst! The Gaustablikkekspressen chairlift offers spectacular views of Gaustatoppen – don’t forget to savour them on the way up. 


One of Gausta’s two snow parks – the perfect finish for adventure lovers.

Hovdestaulløypa – with the option of jumps, rails and boxes

Piste number: 34

In the western part of Gausta Skisenter you’ll discover Hovdestaulløypa, a wonderful piste that alternates between being a green and a red run. At the end of the piste you’ll arrive at one of Gausta’s two snow parks – the perfect finish for adventure lovers. In the park you’ll find everything from boxes, rails, jumps and spines for beginners and park enthusiasts alike. You can reach Hovdestaulløypa via lift I (Fyrieggsekspressen) and then lift J (Fyrieggheisen).


Enjoy the longest slope of Gausta Skisenter, about 3,800 metres.

Myrstaulløypa + Brendstaullia – together they form Gausta’s longestpiste

Piste number: 32 + 26 + 24

Are you a fan of long, rolling pistes? If so, you definitely mustn’t miss pistes 32 and 24 in the western part of the ski system – together they form Gausta Skisenter’s longest slope, about 3,800 metres. Go up using lift J (Fyrieggheisen) and ski down the Myrstaulløypa piste. Turn onto piste 26 before you get to piste 24 (Brendstaullia) to ski all the way down to lift I (Fyrieggsekspressen).


The perfect slope for beginners.

Barnebakken – a wonderful experience for our youngest visitors

Piste number: 4

Obviously there are also pistes for our youngest visitors at Gausta. At Gaustablikk you’ll find a children’s area with several children’s slopes, ideal for those who are learning to ski. One popular first slope is Barnebakken, which is easy to get to with lift A (Lilleputt).



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